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1. When will the eviction moratorium be over? 2. How can landlords collect the past due rent? 3. How do I apply for rental assistance? 4. When can I initiate an eviction? 5. How do I get the tenant to vacate?
Attorney Dennis Block discusses the "Tenant Relief Act" and its effect on income properties owners. 1. The new legal requirements in dealing with your delinquent tenants. 2. The required forms that must be served. 3. What eviction actions can be brought at this time. 4. How to collect your lost rent.…
Assembly Bill 3088 dramatically changes the way landlords can demand rent. A 15 Day Notice to Pay Rent is now required. What cases can proceed to eviction at this time. What are the requirements for serving a Notice to Pay rent or Quit. When will the moratorium on eviction cases finally end.
Attorney Dennis Block teams up with Realtor and Apartment Broker & Expert, Derrick Ruiz to discuss your rights and obligations when your tenants withhold rent due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Derrick's Contact Information: (310) 308-3174
如果您是租客,您一定会担心,疫情期间没有收入,付不出房租怎么办?会被房东要求搬离吗? 如果您是房东,您一定会担心,疫情期间租客交不出房租,银行贷款还不上怎么办?疫情属不属于租约中规定的可以免除房租的事由之一?商业租约和住家租约会有什么区别? 别担心,就您关心的问题,我们2020年6月23日的公益专题法律讲座中与您分享。 请您仔细听完。如果您还有其它问题,请联系我们 --- Support this podcast:
Hear an interview with Matt Levin of Cal Matters. Cal Matters is a public interest journalism venture covering Calif. state politics and government. The issue discussed was whether evictions should be filed at this time, in light of the pandemic.
1. The Impact of Statewide Rent Control 2. Strategies To Obtain Market Rent Under Statewide Rent Control 3. What Steps should Be Taken Prior To Leasing A Unit 4. Items That Must Be Contained In Your Lease Agreement 5. Change Of Ownership Requirements 6. The Unlawful Detainer Process 7. Rent Control Notice Must Be Posted On The Property 8. Service O…
Introducing My New Co-Host, Ryan Block 1. Judge's Bias 2. Advocating for Landlord Rights 3. New Laws Regarding Airbnb 4. Laundry Leases 5. Reimbursement for Soft Retro-Fitting 6. New Rules for a 3 Day Notice in Unincorporated LA County 7. Ellis Act- The Ultimate Rent Control SolutionDennis Block
1. The New Laws and How They Impact Landlords 2. Rent Control Spreading to Unincorporated Areas of Los Angeles County, Glendale and Inglewood. 3. What You Need to Know Update:Los Angeles County- Does not require that you serve the tenant a notice by certified mail return receipt.
1. A new 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit 2. Tenants Refuse to Give Their Names After a Foreclosure 3. Prejudgment Claimants Delaying Eviction Cases 4. Tenants Displaying Signs in Their Windows 5. How to Terminate a Section 8 Tenancy 6. Service/Comfort Animals 7. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
1. Free Attorneys Appointed For Tenants. 2. Request For Jury Trials In Tenant Eviction Cases. 3. New Language In A 3 Day Pay Or Quit Notice 4. Canceling Section 8 Contracts In LA Rent Control 5. Rents Determine The Value Of The Property.
1. Rent Control Spreading 2. Vacancy Decontrol 3. Malcontent Tenants 4. Nuisance Tenants 5. Evidence Required For A Nuisance Eviction 6. Shriver Project-Free Attorney Requesting Jury Trials 7. Settling Eviction Cases 8. Sealing Eviction Records 9 Unauthorized Persons 10. Monetary Awards In Eviction Actions 11. Smoking Marijuana On The Premises…
Doing evictions in San Diego Tenants displaced due to fires. Require Renter's Insurance. Evicting elderly or infirmed tenants. Unauthorized subtenants in possession. Evictions on legal holidays. How the new recreational marijuana law will impact landlords. No smoking buildings.
1. Switching Roommates 2. Aggressive Dogs as Service Animals 3. When Can You Serve a Rent Notice 4. Smoking in Common Areas 5. Cultivating Marijuana 6. Tenants Paying for Capital Improvements 7. Voluntary Vacate Agreements 8. Parking Unauthorized Vehicles
1. How to handle a situation where a tenant dies in your unit. 2. Dealing with AIRBNB. 3. Should you accept a co-signer. 4. How much can you raise rent and the process involved. 5. What properties are subject to rent control. 6. Tenant demanding compensation if landlord requires access.
1. Installing electric charging stations in apartment complex. 2. Tenants cultivating marijuana. 3. Tenant changing locks without Landlord's permission. 4. New Law- Voluntary Vacate Agreements. 5. The significance of renting guest houses and new laws.
1. Landlord barring applicants from foreign countries. 2. Applicants without a social security number. 3. Applicants with a gun collection. 4. Barring marijuana cultivation and smoking. 5. Tenants and their guests responsible for damage. 6. Tenant requesting the right to move in a caregiver. 7. Rent Increase and Notice to Quit requirements. 8. Appl…
1. Property in REAP. 2. Warehouse fire in Oakland. 3. Rent control creates higher rent. 4. Leasing to Corporations. 5. Service Animals. 6. Requiring tenants to temporarily vacate for repairs. 7. Rent Increases. 8. What properties are under rent control. 9. Evicting family members that do not pay rent. 10. Taking rent during an eviction action…
1. Significance of the election on the Supreme Court. 2. Charging a tenant for the preparation of a 3-day notice. 3. Advertising a "No Pet" building. 4. Habitability as a basis for withholding the rent. 5. Buyer wants rent control unit vacated at the close of the escrow. 6. Are landlords responsible when a tenant is forced to temporarily to vacate?…
1. Our 17th Attorney- Vazgen Pogosyan 2. Requirement To Provide A Reasonable Accommodation 3. Alterations To The Premises 4. Termination Of The Tenancy 5. Landlord's Obligation To Maintain Appliances. 6. Change Of Ownership
1. New DVD Announcement. 2. Nuisance Tenants. 3. Selecting Good Tenants. 4. Requiring Tenants to Make Repairs by Contract. 5. Taking Videos and Recording Your Tenants. 6. Removing Services, Requires a Deduction in Rents. 7. Landlords Responsible for Tenant's Personal Property. 8. Landlord's Obligation to Paint and Carpet.…
1. Buildings in REAP 2. Oral Agreements 3. Rent Increases 4. Marijuana 5. Serving a 3-Day Notice 6. Videotaping a Unit 7. Separate Parking Agreements 8. Demand for Air Conditioning 9. Shifting Cost of Water Usage to Tenants
!. Post Dated Checks. 2. Third Party Checks. 3. Making Copies of Your Tenant's Checks. 4. Voluntary Vacate Agreements. 5. The Evils of Rent Control. 6. Landlord Accepting Illegal Rent. 7. Tenant Making Repairs. 8. Children Defacing the Property. 9. Smoke Detectors. 10. Bed Bugs
1. The Costa Hawkins Law (A Law That Is Favorable To Landlords!) 2. Raising Security Deposits In A Rent Control Jurisdiction 3. Interest On Security Deposits 4. Termination Of Rent Control Tenancies 5. Voluntary Vacate Agreements 6. Comfort Pets (My Daughter Madison Joins Us) 7. Pot Smoking Tenants 8. Denying Applicants Because Of An Arrest Record…
1. Screening tenants. 2. The system favors tenants. 3. Evaluating credit scores. 4. Landlord required to give tenants a physical address to serve notices. 5. Discrimination is allowed if a lodger is involved. 6. Relocation funds required if a tenant is temporarily displaced.
1. Are evictions cyclical? 2. Can a landlord charge for his own labor to clean a unit? 3. Deposits made directly into the landlord's bank account. 4. Neighbors in adjoining building causing disturbances. 5. How to establish a non-smoking building. 6. Requiring tenants to procure renter's insurance. 7. Alterations by tenants. 8. Leasing illegal unit…
Topics Discussed: 1. Tenant Threatens Other Residents 2. Unauthorized Persons In Possession 3. Towing Vehicles 4. Small Claims Court 5. Paying Tenants Temporary Relocation Expenses 6. Security Deposit Increases 7. Screening Tenants
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