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Dave Frodsham continues our 'Identity confirmed through the lens of the Gospel' series with a look at 1 Corinthians 4:6-21: What to imitate. Dave looks at how Paul told us to imitate him and the apostles, as he and they imitated Jesus, and the areas in which we need to imitate Paul in our daily lives today.…
Raj Saha, 16/01/2022. We live in a culture that says we can choose whichever path we want. 'If it's true for you then it's true'. But Jesus here is very controversially saying 'No!' There are only two paths, two decisions. One towards him and one away from him, and what we choose will have eternal consequences!…
Chris Onyedinma, 09/01/2022. Using a memorable illustration about sawdust and planks, Jesus tells his followers not to judge others. Chris helps us to understand how we apply this to our community life together.Chris Onyedinma
INHERITANCE Men’s Breakfast and Discipleship. Join the men of INHERITANCE in Christ as we prepare our hearts to seek the Lord. PRAISE! This session will be establishing a victorious outcome in all things through PRAISE. The post Inheritance Men’s Gathering – Praise appeared first on Jubilee Church.Steve Dittmar
We are entering into a new place in Jesus Christ prepared for us, where we sing His praise, see His salvation, and the Lord set’s ambushes against our enemies. The post 2022 – The Year of the Lord’s Ambush appeared first on Jubilee Church.Steve Dittmar
Gavin Rodgers, 02/01/2022. As we start off a new year continuing our series in Matthew we come to Jesus' teaching on one of the most relevant topics for today's society. Why do we worry so much? What is it that makes worry a natural response for us as people?Gavin Rodgers
We will worship and consecrate ourselves into Christ’s victory for 2022. I believe after our day of prayer, there will be a strong anointing to consecrate—set apart—ourselves into Christ’s victory for 2022. The post Consecrating Ourselves appeared first on Jubilee Church.Steve Dittmar
As the year ends and the new one begins, we can return ourselves, the year, and everything, for His redemption. Jesus is our Redeemer! I believe the Lord is going to manifest His redemption in our lives this Sunday. The post Returning appeared first on Jubilee Church.Steve Dittmar
Gavin Rodgers, 26/12/2021. As we come to the end of Matthew's account of the Christmas story we get some drama! King Herod makes plans to try and kill Jesus, ordering that all baby boys under the age of 2 be killed. As we read through this account, we see firsthand the Protection of God, the Purpose of God and the Provision of God - a real reminder…
This was Mary’s hymn of praise as she carried the word of God in her womb. The hope, expectancy, and truth of God’s working in man are all expressed in this Hymn. Luke 1:46-55 The post Mary’s Magnificat appeared first on Jubilee Church.Steve Dittmar
Join us for the best breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, and coffee, provided by our wonderful Café Team. Then we will worship and come into “Experiencing Jesus in Scripture.” Last month, there were powerful encounters with Jesus that we will share. We will practice and experience our Lord, Jesus Christ, in His scriptures. You will be blessed. …
Shirley Graham, 05/12/2021. How do we respond when situations in life seem messy and complicated? As we look at the birth of Jesus, we see that Joseph was told not to fear and to look to God's promise to rescue his people.Shirley Graham
Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral continues our series on Corinthians – Identity Confirmed Through The Lens of the Gospel – with a look at 1 Corinthians 4. Dave looks into why Paul told us to be imitators of him, as he is an imitator of Christ.Jubilee Church Wirral
Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral on 1 Corinthians 3:9-23: Building on Good Foundations. Dave talks about: Taking care how we build, as judgement is coming and the result is loss or reward. Don’t disregard this truth!Jubilee Church Wirral
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