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The dialogue between both sides, who are for the NFL Protest and The opposition to the kneeling of Kaepernick during the national anthem, and the first white player kneeling during the national anthem for the biggest team protest in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns.
As a united couple, do you hold your beefs for private, or do you cause a scene in public when your upset at your mate? Listen as we discuss couples faking the united front and what we do as a married couple with influence in Cleveland.
Defending the Land as a Fan when your team is in the finals, playoffs, super bowl, world series etc. Not just a fan but this podcast takes it a step further! Lebron vs Jordan/ Kyrie vs Pippen/ Tristen vs Rodman Listen in for Cavs break down!
"To snitch or not to snitch, that is the question." Maria & Josh discuss how they would approach seeing their friends boo out on a date with another person. Josh shares a personal story and almost gets in trouble for it. Listen in, comment, and make sure you share with family and friends, this one is hilarious & real.…
Listen to this heated debate of double standards in relationships. "Women hate defined roles, such as being the cook and taking care of the kids, But then makes the man in charge of taking out the trash and doing all the yard work, etc" Listen in as they debate the roles of men and women.
Josh & Maria discuss friends letting you know when their may be something embarrassing about your outfit or even something in your teeth. They also discuss the different reactions of people who receive gifts that they don't like. Listen in!
3X NFL Pro Bowler Josh Cribbs & his fiery wife Maria Cribbs, go head to head discussing reality TV. Josh feels his wife becomes the reality characters in the home, and Maria feels there is no problem and he never mentions all the crap he watches!!! Listen in!!!
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