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Dava decided to join me and co host the show with me last minute, I'm back from Las Vegas and I am not happy with American Airlines! so tune in to hear why and I have a big announcement about my 100th Live Broadcast coming up next month.Jayme Joshua LIVE
I just asked the people for things that they do not like right now and they have responded with just about everything under the sun there is a lot right now pissing people off! Lol so tonight on the show I will play people's messages and my co host David Goliath will help me sift through all of the complaints…
As people celebrate and remember Prince all over the world, playing all of his classic hits from the 80's and 90's, i'm up late at night here bumpin his newer stuff, stuff that most people haven't heard, here on my radio show, enjoy :)Jayme Joshua LIVE
Comin on the air live will be playing some new music from Seezileo, and Saviorsoul, and I'll be talking about... Not tellin u what I'm gonna be talkin about you're just gonna have to listen loJayme Joshua LIVE
Promoter Robert FallenAngel Richards is back to update us on things, including the unfortunate events concerning K Money... Who are HIS Top 5 Worst rappers? Plus back by popular demand 'Questionable Lyrics' this week on Jayme Joshua LIVEJayme Joshua LIVE
This week D1 dropped the dramatic new music video and visual for his song "Bricks" (to watch it just go to youtube and search D1 Bricks, or go to dtothe1.com) and he is back on the show to talk about many things... was 9/11 a false flag attack on our country? What should we really be concerned with and fear? Obama? Police? What Tha hell is goin on …
Earlier tonight i was on the LIVE episode of The Bolin Alley, Season 7 Episode 8, the first and longest running podcast from a wrestling personality (Kenny Starmaker Bolin)... we talked about the infamous Jim Cornette incident at Dairy Queen (my alltime favorite YouTube video lol), Facebook Fans, and if Kenny Bolin or even if I will be appearing on…
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