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Lead Pastor Bill Balbach, in this message, gives us a look into one of his childhood favorite Christmas movies, "A Christmas Story." A Christmas Story is a movie of a memory of a Christmas shown through the view of Ralphie, the main...Bill Balbach
In this message Lead Pastor Bill Balbach gives us a look into one of his favorite Christmas movies, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. The main character Clark Griswold, a perfectionist, tries hard to put on the perfect Christmas gathering only to...Bill Balbach
Tony Liberatore starts our new series At the Movies by describing one of his all-time favorite Christmas movies, Elf. In the movie Elf, Buddie the main character struggles to fit in because he's not like those around him. Many times we too can...Tony Liberatore
We've all experienced painful moments in our lives where we feel like we are all alone. What do you do when you when you feel like that God has let you down? Do you yell and scream or become destructive? It certainly feels like betrayal when we...Bill Balbach
So many times when we head into a new situation, we're flying blind. In those moments of blindness we have to trust our feelings, our knowledge, and our instincts to safely navigate our way through the uncertainties of our journey. Join Lead...Bill Balbach
What do you do when your afraid of something new? Maybe you try to think of all the possible things that could arise on your journey so you could be prepared for the worst. Sometimes we over-prepare ourselves that we forget to prepare for a successful...Bill Balbach
So many times we hold on to assumptions that hold us back from finding true happiness in our lives. When we realize that we haven't found the happiness that we thought we were seeking, we either become discouraged or we look for help. Listen in...Bill Balbach
Jesus desires each and every one of us to have a happy life. All to often we don't get to experience the kind of happiness Jesus wants for us. In this message Lead Pastor Bill Balbach looks at the path that leads to the kind of happiness that is...Bill Balbach
In our journey through life, storms can come upon us fast and furiously. When this happens, often our attention is quickly turned from whats important to us, to what is happening around us. In this message Lead Pastor Bill Balbach takes a look at the...Bill Balbach
Have you ever wondered if your prayer is one like a Pharisee's? To understand that question better Lead Pastor Bill Balbach breaks it down by asking the question, When you do you seek God to a means of the good life or do you seek Him in order...Bill Balbach
As Christians, we are to be the ambassadors for Christ as different opportunities present themselves. In this message Youth and Family Pastor Tony Liberatore encourages us to seek out those opportunities and being the light in someone else's life.Tony Liberatore
So many times we start out a journey with a good foundation but through the course of our journey, by the choices we make, we weaken that foundation. If we continue to stay on the course that we determined, life will eventually crash around us. Join...Bill Balbach
In this message Lead Pastor Bill Balbach takes a look at how we often wrestle with anxiety and depression unbeknownst to those around us. Pastor Bill is joined by Impact's Technology Leader Joshua Walker, who shares his powerful story of...Bill Balbach
We tend to follow the lead of those around us. If we allow it the world sways us and before we know it our thinking has been influenced. Who we surround ourselves with makes a tremendous impact on who we are. Join Lead Pastor Bill Balbach as he...Bill Balbach
How you ever been so overwhelmed in the moment that you missed what was the most important thing in that opportunity? In this message Lead Pastor Bill Balbach takes us into Luke Chapter 8 where Jesus is seen exiting a boat and greeted by a massive...Bill Balbach
Some of us will do anything to be in the being spotlight. At a certain level we all desire attention and will do things to obtain it, but is that a good thing? In this message Lead Pastor Bill Balbach takes a look at a Pharisee that sought out...Bill Balbach
God can renew hearts and minds, we could be a testament to just that, but will you let Him? In this message Lead Pastor Bill Balbach talks about the reality of God renewing minds and transforming hearts. If you like the story of Nicodemus then...Bill Balbach
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