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Hot Mic with Houston and Hogan features two radio professionals with over a hundred years of broadcasting experience between them. Dave Hogan and Randy Houston are both native Western North Carolinian’s – whose rich voices have been heard in every glade, cove and holler of Western North Carolina and East Tennessee during the last century – primarily on AM Radio and between the two of them – they’ve worked in just about every radio format. Classic rock ‘n roll - country - news talk - pop and ...
The Hogancast

The Hogancast

Scott Hogan

A weekly podcast where we discuss a variety of subjects. Each week we talk about a different topic, from literature to travel and everything in between. Our episodes strive to be both conversational and informational, and our occasional interviews are (hopefully) entertaining.
Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan, combine their decades of experiences as successful entrepreneurs & health & fitness experts, to chat w/guests such as Robert Greene, Daniel Coyle, Bruce Buffer, Charles Poliquin, Steve Maxwell, John Joseph, Robb Wolf, Amy Dumas (aka Lita), Ben Greenfield, Roger Cross, & comedians Ali Siddiq & John Heffron, w/a no holds barred approach to living life on your own terms, during their entertaining weekly podcast. Bullsh-tter's discretion is advised.
Apostle Hogan has began a journey that has spanned 40 years of ministry serving as the Senior Pastor of Christ For The World since 1984. He is anointed as a prophet to identify, nurture, and raise up leaders. He is recognized by many as a pastor to pastors. Apostle Hogan is a prophet to America and the nations of the world. Apostle Hogan has ministered on several occasions at the United Nations and has authored over twenty-five books. Apostle Hogan is the CEO of Christ For The World Internat ...
This is a show where financial planner and comedy writer, Catie Hogan, works to help herself and listeners get their sh*t together. She's ready to explore important topics such as money, career, relationships, feminism, activism, sex, exercising, and whatever the hell else she feels like. She'll tell a lot of embarrassing stories, interview guests who she deems “have their sh*t together”, and attempt to improve her own life while hopefully giving listeners practical and applicable life advice.
Kara Hogan is a 21 year old college student living in New York City. This podcast is an attempt to chronicle her coming-of-age as she navigates school, work, social life, and popular culture in our rapidly changing world. She is frequently joined by friends and family members to chat about these topics and play some fun games, because what podcast would be complete without games? There's a new episode every Tuesday!
Hi, I'm Nikhil Hogan, an entrepreneur, guitarist, pianist, and teacher. I'm a graduate (summa cum laude) of Berklee College of Music, and have been exploring music pedagogy and music education for many years. I'm a guitar and piano teacher with many years of experience under my belt. After Berklee, I explored the Jazz Bebop pedagogy of Barry Harris. In 2018, I started the Nikhil Hogan Show, a podcast dedicated to interviewing great musicians of many styles. Through the podcast, I discovered ...
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Dave and Randy both started their radio careers in small towns in Western North Carolina. Small town radio is pretty much a thing of the past now but back "in the day" it was the lifeline of the community. This episode features a recording of Randy Houston's very first time on the air at the tender age of sixteen on Saturday afternoon April 7th, 19…
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