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Gregg is joined by DSigal, Sasha'sDad and BrokenName for a panel discussion of the MASSIVE new entry to the world of blockchain collectibles They don't call it Major League for nothing baby!Also it was 4:20 so make of that what you will.Hoard Illuminati
Tedsallis and Padme1138 are joined by guest MDJacobus for a wide ranging discussion about digital cards in app and on the blockchain as well as a hard look at the sudden "liberation" of old dead accounts and possible links to what appears to be a recent ban wave.Hoard Illuminati
Tedsallis and Padme1138 blast through a week of digital card news like a donkey eating a waffle but not quite as sexy. And a special guest song by friend of the pod and broadcasting giant AWBiggs!Hoard Illuminati
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