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Hello and Welcome! is a Catholic Christian podcast dedicated to helping you to grow in your relationship with God, self, and others. Episodes include engaging storytelling and a wide range of topics - marriage, friendship, parenting, gratitude, prayer, finding inner peace, conquering anxiety, giving and receiving forgiveness, and learning to be happy in all circumstances. Hello and Welcome! content is faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
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If you have ever experienced jealousy and envy, you know it can eat you from the inside out. Learn how to conquer this deadly sin and to be at peace when others have something you lack. Segment Two: Prayer for PRE-beginners - how to get in the prayer habit, even if it seems impossible.Kristine Franklin
The world of fashion and advertising tells young girls that sexy equals beautiful. That’s a lie you don’t want your daughters to buy. Segment Two: Miscarriage isn’t a little thing. It’s difficult and traumatic, and for some women, it’s devastating.Kristine Franklin
Catholics venerate saints but don’t worship them. What’s the difference? Can you explain it to your Protestant friend? Segment Two: The biggest family in the universe - why Catholics pray for the dead - and ways you can pray for your ancestors, even the ones known only to God.Kristine Franklin
In a world that highly values some kinds of work over others, the job you hold can be a source of shame and embarrassment if you feel it's too lowly. Discover the dignity of every job and how to match your attitude to God's. Segment Two: One young man's small acts of kindness turn into life-changers.…
If you want to get rid of credit card debt, just one simple change could help you dig out. You don't need to pay a financial advisor, but you will need to change a few spending habits. Segment Two: Email Inbox - Mom wants her pregnant daughter to place the baby for adoption.Kristine Franklin
Your kid's brain isn't grown up yet, but you can reach her if you know how to open the communication door and keep it open. Learn how to best communicate with your adolescent child. Segment Two: Going to Confession 101. A little refresher.Kristine Franklin
Saint Luke was a physician before he was a Gospel writer. Learn about this fascinating and beloved man and why his two books - the only books of the New Testament written by a Gentile - are so easy to read. Segment Two: Email Inbox - A woman with a shopping habit asks for advice on how to quit.Kristine Franklin
In times of turmoil, when it seems like the Church is falling apart, leaders are failing, and things look bleak, God is hard at work. In the middle of the storm, He raises up saints. Learn about the life and times of St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church. Segment Two: Gratitude is not only good for your soul, it's good for your physical health …
That strong-willed child might feel like a punishment from God, but he's really a blessing. Learn some tips on how to live with a "boss kid" without going crazy and without crushing that little soul. Segment Two: Email Inbox- A woman whose mother-in-law is always critical.Kristine Franklin
Insecurity can feel like a curse. You're afraid to speak up, have an opinion, or disagree. Learn how one woman's extreme insecurity led her to become a more confident person and how you can grow in confidence too. Segment Two: St. Joseph shows you everything you need to know about obedience.Kristine Franklin
St. Francis didn't start out a saint. Every saint has a past but when God offered Francis the opportunity to experience true conversion, he said YES. Have YOU been converted? Segment Two: A mom wants to know if her daughter should take the Pill for acne.Kristine Franklin
Therese Martin didn't accomplish much in her short life. She entered religious life as a teen and died only a few years later. Yet she has been declared a saint, and a Doctor of the Church. Learn more about Therese and her Little Way, and how you can let Jesus lift you in his arms to heaven. Segment Two: How to respond to scandal in the Church - a …
Father Vincent didn't become a priest because he wanted to be holy or because he wanted to help others. Fr. Vincent wanted to be educated and to have a comfortable life. God had other plans. Learn the fascinating story of St. Vincent DePaul and how he went from being a self-interested priest to a great saint who cared for the poor, the enslaved, an…
You're human. That means you're tempted to sin. No one is exempt. Learn how temptation can draw you closer to God and ultimately to heaven. Segment Two: When you're down in the dumps, in a bad place, even a really bad place, God is there. Learn how to find God in the darkest times.Kristine Franklin
Lydia Borja is a three-time survivor of severe postpartum depression and anxiety. Listen as she talks about her experience, her motivation to help other moms, and how to know if you or someone close to you is suffering postpartum depression or anxiety. Lydia is frank and open about her own experience. Segment Two: Fund-raising report for Hello and …
It is easy to feel like you need more hours in your day. Your life is a rush, your to-do list is packed with tasks you haven't been able to squeeze in. What's the solution? Learn about some tools that can help you slow down your day. Segment Two: Hope for people who lack empathy.Kristine Franklin
Social media is like fire - it can warm you, or it can burn you to ashes. How much of your day is spent on social media? And how does it make you feel? Learn how to manage social media so that it doesn’t manage you. Segment 2: A listener writes:My mom doesn’t want me to become a nun.Kristine Franklin
You make decisions every day and probably don't think much about it. But when the huge decisions loom, how do you know if you are following God's will? Take some simple advice from Mother Angelica Segment Two: Your body isn't just a shell that houses your soul. It's an integral part of who you are. Learn how to glorify God in your body.…
Do you fight at night, when the kids are in bed because you think they won't hear you? Your kids ARE listening. Should you fight in front of your kids? Learn how to manage arguments so that your kids aren't traumatized. Segment Two: Grandma doesn't like the way her son and his wife are raising the kids.…
Most Christians try to avoid the "big" sins but what about the sins that are so easy to commit on social media? Do you know what they are? Find out if you are slandering, detracting or in any other way tearing others down in your posts. Learn how to avoid these problems and also how to avoid the near occasion of sin Segment Two: Protecting your kid…
Learn how to pray for your adult children, your brothers, sisters and friends who have left the Church. Follow in the footsteps of Saint Monica as she begs God for the conversion of her worldly son. Segment Two: Depression and how to cope; some good advice from Padre Pio.Kristine Franklin
How close are you to your co-workers? Is there a co-worker who is particularly special to you? Learn about the most dangerous relationship at work and how to avoid the long slide into sin. Segment Two: Email Inbox-Mom doesn't like the new neighbors. A woman who feels very lonely and surrounded by cliques in her parish church and school.…
If you don't teach your kids about sex, someone else will. Learn how to approach the topic with love, joy, and confidence. Segment Two: Email Inbox - Mom wants to know if it's okay to leave her little kids for a weekend retreat. How to come back to the Church after being away for a long time.Kristine Franklin
The Church teaches that Mary was assumed into heaven, body and soul. Learn more about the meaning of this ancient Christian feast and why it matters today - and in the future. Segment Two: See yourself as God sees you.Kristine Franklin
On this Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ, Jesus reveals Himself to three of his closest disciples. Don't make the same mistake that St Peter made when you experience the extraordinary. Segment Two: Steps to conquering porn addiction.Kristine Franklin
Do you ever feel like a spiritual loser? Having trouble with a bad habit? Learn how to face and accept spiritual failure - and find out how failure can lead to holiness. Segment Two: A mom who gave up her cellphone...for good.Kristine Franklin
Learn more about the story of Mary and Elizabeth and their special, unlikely friendship. Do you have an Elizabeth or a Mary in your life? Email Inbox: An engaged woman doesn’t want kids for a while, and mom suspects that her daughter is breaking the law.Kristine Franklin
Some friends are better than others. Rate your friendships by understanding this timeless truth from an ancient philosopher. Teach your daughter to love her body by teaching her to understand, respect and love her menstrual cycle.Kristine Franklin
Distraction in prayer is common. So is distraction in every part of life. Find out how to slow down, take a deep breath, and talk to God. Email Inbox: A husband who watches too much TV and a mom who is upset that her son joined the Navy.Kristine Franklin
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