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We're not all natural believers, but sometimes even skeptics might take the leap of faith when it comes to the afterlife. In this episode, we'll hear things in a whole new voice when it comes to ghosts.Haunted Happenstance
With six days until Christmas, we get to spend a movie marathon afternoon with Claudia and Tidbit -- and it's an obscene amount of fun.....until it isn't. Special thanks to one of our patrons for lending their cinematic vocal talents for a clip in this bonus!Haunted Happenstance
This holiday season we want to keep everyone in the spirit, by keeping alive the tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas, and revisiting some of our favorite characters from season one! On the first day, we have a Partridge and Charity, featuring Mallory!Haunted Happenstance
Halloween is over, but the spooky times have only just started. In this episode, an entire community comes together to try and find a lost dog at the Ridge, while the trees have been keeping secrets.Haunted Happenstance
In this second part of our special 2-year anniversary bonus, we cover some more recent paranormal experiences for Jennifer (and John) - and even have a true crime tie-in. *Disclaimer* this episode contains more graphic content than our typical story, as some details surrounding a murder are included. Skip out after Jennifer's first story if you'd l…
We are celebrating two years of the show this week, and it couldn't have happened without all of you! As part of our thanks, there will be a two-part Bonus Episode, and here is the first! Figured some of you might be curious about the first ghost, the one that started it all! Ready?Haunted Happenstance
Before we launch back into the regular season episodes fully, Jennifer catches us all up with what's been happening at the Lofts and at the Ridge, including a few new details, and even a spooky sneak peak into what comes next. But first, where were we?Haunted Happenstance
This short story was also based on a suggestion from a Neighbor and Patron! We'll take a ride with a health care professional as she starts her long day working through the pandemic -- and as if that wasn't a scary enough, she'll have even more tagging along.Haunted Happenstance
This short story was chosen by the Neighbors in the podcast Facebook discussion group....and I swore I'd never go /there/ :) In this little tale, we'll spend some time trying to figure out just what is going on with all the missing people at the lake.Haunted Happenstance
So many are trying to do what they can to help out during this pandemic, and some have found distraction and production in pulling out their dusty sewing machines and making masks. In this shorter tale, two roommates do what they can to help, and just stay safe, and alive during self-isolation.Haunted Happenstance
This next short little spook takes place in a neighborhood Jennifer knows well -- but we'll hear about it from Trish, and her townhouse neighbor Connor. Special thanks to listener Jules Anne for providing the name of a character in this Quaran-teeny! She also wins an e-copy of the Anthology "Asylum" of which listener Marie Sterling is a contributin…
Our second "Quaran-teeny" touches on one of all of our biggest nightmares right now --- running out of toilet paper! Join Jack as he does a little at-home amateur ghost-hunting to catch the spirit who he believes is stealing his precious commode-ity!Haunted Happenstance
As announced, we will be releasing an anthology of short spooky tales while the quarantine continues. When folks are ready and life is less topsy-turvy, we'll return to the regular storyline episodes. Our first "Quaran-teeny" was based on requests from a special listener, Neighbor and Patron, Jennifer S. She was looking for a spooky tale about gard…
With things more than unsettled in the city, we'll spend this episode watching the woods. Round back with Max and Theo, meet new neighbor Nyles, and share a chilling afternoon with Adelaide, all at the Ridge in this fourth episode.Haunted Happenstance
Things have grown a bit dark at both the Lofts and the Ridge in this episode, but we'll meet a new neighbor, Evie, and hear her story. We'll also check back in with Jennifer, John, Dani and Benjamin too - plus get an update on the renovations at the cabin.Haunted Happenstance
Since some expressed a bit of concern for Alabaster and his well-being after Episode 2, I thought it was a fine time to let his voice be heard. Sit back for a different kind of ghost story from days before the Lofts! Alabaster is voiced by the crazy-talented CK of Mirths & Monsters. Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com Attribution-NoD…
For the second season of Haunted Happenstance, Jennifer is bringing all of us, and some spooks, up north and into the woods. In this premier episode, we will see just how we wound up there, and just what is waiting for us a top the mountains and between the trees.Haunted Happenstance
Along with all of the amazing and unique shows in the Straight Up Strange Network, we at Haunted Happenstance want to thank all of our listeners for being wonderfully supportive for 2019 - and wish you all a very happy holiday season and safe and healthy new year! Poem by Clement Clarke Moore.Haunted Happenstance
In this fourth, and very special volume of our Share the Scare, you're hearing from my amazing Patrons! In honor of #ThankYouPatron day - I've given them the stage to share their own scary stories for your enjoyment. Can't wait for you to listen to my super talented, caring and perfectly spooky supporters! Please consider supporting some of your fa…
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