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The official podcast for The Guy Talk Company! We’re a nationwide community of guys helping each other talk openly and become better men. Subscribe to hear real conversations and stories that empower you to redefine what it means to be a man.
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The Guy Talk Show

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Welcome to The Guy Talk Show, where we discuss a variety of topics directed to the open-minded laid-back crowd, on life and relationships, finances and society without any of the politically-correct nonsense. Support this podcast:
Welcome to the Jersey Guy Sports podcast. I'm Don and I’m glad you stopped by. I've been a huge Yankees, Rangers, Giants, and Rutgers fan for many years. On this podcast, I provide a no holds barred, honest review of the news, performance, and rumors of my favorite teams.
Where the “Real” in sports get talked about, analyzed and broken down to it’s purest form. What started as a small group on Facebook has grown into an army of over 1000 members in the United States and all over the world. With over 100 posts a day and thousands of opinions, someone HAD to put this on radio! Guests, interviews, and sports talk with an edge. Len Williams is your host, and he promises to give it to you straight. Be prepared, for Saturdays at 10am, YOU will be ‘Talkin’ Sports wi ...
Sports Talk Live with Frankie the Sports Guy discusses everything New York sports, on both the professional level and the amateur level. Past and present athletes, newspaper columnists, book authors, bloggers, and others join host Frank Maniscalco to offer their thoughts and opinions on the wide range of New York sports topics discussed on the program.
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Welcome to Jersey Guy sports. Sports talk about the Yanks, Giants, Rangers and Rutgers. I’m your host Don. Today we’ll discuss …. Rutgers basketball’s huge win Wednesday night over a very good Iowa Hawkeye team, The Rangers comeback win over an excellent Toronto Maple Leafs team, The new rage in the NFL (QB sneaks).…
What’s up! This is episode 1 of Just a Guy Talking Sports. I recap how super wild card weekend went in the NFL playoffs this weekend and I go on a bit talking about what’s going on in the world of pro wrestling at the moment. Hope you guys enjoy and listen!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.…
Welcome to Jersey Guy sports. Sports talk about the Yanks, Giants, Rangers and Rutgers. I’m your host Don. Today we’ll discuss Rutgers Basketball’s big road win over a Maryland, the Rangers won a game on the road when not playing their best, and also thinking about what could have been. What if Josh Allen went to the Giants and not to the Bills? Th…
Welcome to Jersey Guy Sports. I'm Don and in my inaugural podcast I discuss the state of the teams I love: The Giants, Yanks, Rangers, and Rutgers (football and basketball). I'm just a fan who loves to talk sports. I hope you enjoy my podcast.Don Signorino
The topic of call-ups from NXT to the main roster has always been a heated discussion. Talent getting pushed right, talent being in the right show, management fumbling talent that are obvious superstars. I talk more on this subject today on RGWT
On this weeks episode, Will & Grant check in on each other’s mental health and watch/answer video questions from Guy Talk members across the country! --- Send in a voice message:
From the outside, country music artist Sam Riggs has it all: the fame, the plane, the family. But in this episode, he opens up to the guys about the lows of his depression and the suicidal thoughts that changed the course of his life for the better. Get ready for some hard-hitting conversation about music, mental health, and healing yourself throug…
Grant sits down with former wildlands firefighter Alex Starr and surprise guest Joshua Church to break down how a little bit of courage in life can go a long way. Check out Alex's book "Rewrite the Rules" here - --- Send in a voice message:…
Guy Talk community membership is OPEN! This week, Grant and Will share some fun updates on Guy Talk membership, what it means to them, and how you can get involved. They also field your questions on life, bumper stickers, and lessons learned along the way. --- Send in a voice message:…
On this week's episode, Guy Talk OG’s Grant, Will, Calvin and Shawn get together for some good old fashioned fun! This episode is full of laughter, jokes, and a game of hot seat that leads to some deep conversations! (Deeper dive "hot seat" conversations start 27 minutes in.) Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:…
On this week's episode, Will & Grant dive deep with local Austin hype man Tanner Friesen. Where he shares the struggles of marriage, divorce and how he found self love at the end of it all. Shoutout to our sponsor, Austin East Cider, for hooking it up! Check them out at --- Send in a voice message:…
On this week's episode we dive deep into what it’s like being a single guy in today’s world, talking about past relationships and the world of dating apps with Guy Talk OG Shawn Piper. --- Send in a voice message:
On this weeks episode we chat with founding member, a real OG Guy Talk member - Mr. Zac Sagay on surviving the Texas snowstorm and staying positive throughout the hard times! Check out Zac's full comeback story of struggle and redemption on Guy Talk Radio episode:…
The Independent scene in pro wrestling is doing great. So why oh why has the saying been going around that the Indies are drying up. I say thee nay the Indies are full of talent. I dive more into this today on RGWT
Seeing the heroes of pro wrestling we all grew up on is great even having them in segments on weekly television is great but is it great when they are booked in matches that make me sense or right after they are coming off injury. That's what explore today on RGWT
SANADA has proven to be one of the best performers in New Japan Pro Wrestling but he's faulted in big match situations more often times than naught, kinda like another member of the NJPW roster who now has a permanent residence in the mid card. Is this where SANADA is heading?
We all have a greatest match, a greatest performer, or greatest something in pro wrestling, however how about the greatest generation of wrestlers? Golden Age, Attitude era, Ruthless Aggression, today's wrestlers what is the greatest generation in this sport we love? That's what I discuss today on RGWT…
I love the G1 tournament. It's the greatest tournament in all of Pro Wrestling, however this G1 has been the strangest one I've ever seen, heard, read about ever. I know it's still early but I just have to wonder is this how the tournament is gonna go.
Thunder Rosa vs Hikaru Shida was no doubt a great match this past weekend at All Out, but it was also a great thing for pro wrestling in that two promotions came together for us fans. I dive into why more promotions need to do this more often.
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