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In this, the 5th message in our year long look at the book of Exodus, we focus on chapter 3. In this passage we review 1 of the main themes that we see in this book, as well as making observations, and attributes of God's nature that we learn in this chapter as God speaks.Thomas McClure
In week three of our Exodus study, we see the birth of the deliverer of the Hebrew people, Moses. The events of his birth, young life and his fleeing from Egyptian royalty teaches us not only about the nature of God in greater detail, but also reveals our tendencies and nature as well.Ben James
As we begin to dig into the book of Exodus in this message, we quickly see a conflict. And not necessarily a conflict between Egypt and the Hebrew people, but one of God's plans, and our idea of how they should play out.This message takes a look at we can face in the waiting of His plans to be fulfilled.…
The first message in our study of the book of Exodus. In this message, Pastor Ben discusses 5 major themes that we will see in the book as we go through it, and also answers the questions of Why this study, and why this study now?Follow along with today's message at James
In His mercy, God redeems all who come to Him for forgiveness. He offers us this great gift not because of anything we have done, but because of what Christ accomplished on the cross. Beginning a series of studies on how we can Grow Together, we look to Paul’s opening entreaty in Romans 12 to discover what it means to respond to God’s extravagant g…
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