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Why do we automatically believe the ancients had it all figured out? That they were closer to God? Why do we automatically presume the future is bad? That it's the end of it all? If God is always the same, isn't he communicating with us just as was them? Won't he be communicating with our descendants just as he did us and our ancestors?…
What are some of the most dangerous Doctrines that the modern organized Church teaches? Why are these teachings clung to despite their being toxic to individuals and people as a whole? What can we do to move forward from them?God Beyond The Bible
It's time to look at the dialogue of the book of Job. His friends are going to speak, and Job is going to listen. We are probably going to glaze over reading. Thankfully, for the sake of time we won't read each dialogue word for word. But we will highlight the points each person makes concerning Job's trials and tribulations.…
In this episode we revisit the idea, Are We Alone in the Universe? Is there other life out there? Will we ever meet beings from another world? How would it change our lives to prove we aren't the only intelligent life out there?God Beyond The Bible
Were Adam and Eve alone on the earth? Were there others? Were they truly the first creation of God? In this episode we take a look back at one of our early episodes and discuss the changes in our beliefs and understanding since that recording.God Beyond The Bible
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