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Podcast Editor Kharl Reynado (MPP ’23) spoke with Amy Antioho, the widow of Peter Antioho, an Army Officer who passed away after exposure to burn pits during his military service, and their VA benefits attorney, Cindy Johnson, Deputy Director of the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center (CVLC), about what the PACT Act is and what it means for veterans …
More on the identity of these earth-shaking individuals and a powerful provocation from the circumstances surrounding their deaths. The church and the world would do well to listen to them… (Part 2)Calvary Georgetown Divide
What is the essence of church leadership? Theologian and Torch-Bearer Ken Needham gives us a view of leadership from the Burning Bush (with brief biographical Q & A by Pastor Jay). [There are a few seconds of silence before the message begins]Calvary Georgetown Divide
When Jesus returns, Ground-Zero Planet Earth will be the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem—but what’s so special about that place, and why does the Antichrist want it so badly? Check this out…Calvary Georgetown Divide
GPPR Podcast Editor Brian Marroquín (MPM ’22) speaks with Cecilia Muñoz, former Director of the Domestic Policy Council in the Obama administration – the first Latina to serve in that role. In this podcast, Muñoz shares lessons from her decades of experience in immigration policy and her current work in public interest technology.…
The Bible frequently uses a particular word—one so important that if we miss its point, we neglect one of the greatest blessings God ever offered. The ramifications are enormous—”to reject it leads either to sadness or to wrath.”* *J.R.R. TolkienCalvary Georgetown Divide
The ‘Abyss’—what is it? Where is it? And why are demons terrified of it? Even more, who frees its demons to run amok and who will—and won’t—be tormented by them? Big questions with big answers from Revelation 9.Calvary Georgetown Divide
When Jesus breaks the 7th seal, trumpets begin to blow—and with each blast God’s wrath intensifies. And it’s still just the beginning. It’s coming, and no one can stop it—so what do we do while we wait, and is there an escape-clause?Calvary Georgetown Divide
What about the people who ‘come to Jesus’ when God’s Wrath is unleashed on the world—why are they killed, how do they die, and what becomes of them in heaven? The lessons to us living today are huge…Calvary Georgetown Divide
When Jesus breaks the 5th seal, a strange group of people appear under an alter in heaven. Who are they? More than that—who killed them, and what will God to do about it? Amazing revelations of the past, the future and eternity are popping here…Calvary Georgetown Divide
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