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Every week, we discuss how the media has covered the news and analyse issues affecting the industry - with some of the biggest names in journalism in Australia and around the world. Broadcast live on Sydney's 2SER 107.3FM, with the financial assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.
かわさきFM 79.1 MHz 毎週火曜日21:30~ 放送中の人気番組です。ネットメディアを中心にプロモーションを行い支援の輪が全国に広がっています。関東近県はもとより北海道、盛岡、仙台、静岡、長野、岐阜、福井、愛知、大阪、広島などで毎月ライブを行う他、デンマーク、フランス、イギリス、ブラジルなどへ広がっています
FourFathers Podcast

FourFathers Podcast

Eric Pfeifer, Adam Pfeifer, Erik Romanek, Paul Travers

A podcast of four close friends who share thoughts on Faith, Friendship, Fatherhood and other “F” words. Each week we'll share about life, being father's, long term friends and experiences about various topics technical and non-technical alike.
Foursquare Gospel Tidings started in 1964 on CJNB radio in North Battleford. It now is an international broadcast reaching many souls world wide. The objective of this broadcast is to help people grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. in 2017 our broadcast has now been put on podcast . and available in itunes or on our website
Looking for great (game, object lessons, worship, volunteer celebration, etc. etc.) ideas to take your preteen ministry to the next level? This podcast is created and curated by, a community of leading voices in preteen ministry. Our goal is simple: a short (4,5, or 6 minute) podcast a few times a week (4, 5, or 6 times) that gives you a quick, easy, free idea that you can use in your preteen ministry THIS WEEK. Have a question about preteen ministry or a unique preteen minis ...
Spend Wednesday afternoon delving into the ether, carried along by your afternoon-selector Bridge. Featuring Play It Out, when Bridge plays out three separate tracks from an album that has caught their attention. And The Emotional Request, when listeners message in an emotion the are in need of, and Bridge responds with a track. Broadcast from Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesdays from 1pm.
Become a Paid Subscriber: Trading Fours is a music podcast that focuses on musicians in Kansas City and around the world. Your host is Jamie Green. Jamie is a guitarist who has played in numerous bands you've never heard of! It is a casual conversation with musicians about their craft and their creative process. "Trading Fours" is a musical term that means each musician plays a solo for 4 measures. Jamie is the son of a jazz trumpeter and music educator.
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We have a special Halloween premiere from French DJ & producer Hadone’s debut album on his new imprint ‘Things We Never Did’. The debut LP entitled ‘What I Was Running From’ showcases Hadone flexing his IDM and experimental production prowess, as well as his ethereal brand of slamming techno which has made him one of the most sought-after techno’s …
It's Thanksgiving in the NFL, and while some teams are quite tasty, most are obviously turkeys. The AFQ boys break down the Week 12 action, focusing on a bounce-back win for the Vikings against Belichick's defensive magic, a good performance for the injury-hit Bengals against AFC rivals the Titans, and wins for the Bills, Browns, Jags and Chargers.…
Legendary Simpsons writer/showrunner Bill Oakley joined us this week to discuss his favourite Simpsons episode, "Radio Bart", as well as his career as a comedy writer, his food reviews, his hatred of WB and more. Support the show for EARLY AD-FREE ACCESS & EXCLUSIVE CONTENT by clicking HERE.Simpsons Podcast.
Author Joe Nutt argues we need to fight back against what he calls 'linguistic piracy'.Joe is concerned that activists are challenging the commonly-understood meaning of words. "The trust which becomes naturally embedded over time in any shared language, is under threat," he argues, and now "the English language itself is creaking under the strain …
Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez and Lance Storm is back with our monthly live Q&A! Tons of questions on pro-wrestling past, present and future, from our Twitch and Youtube viewers and Bryan's Super Followers on Twitter! A fun show as always so check it out~!
Our family's favorite characters from the amazing, delightful Adventure Time series. This episode of Top Four is sponsored by: CleanMyMac X: Your Mac. As good as new. Get 5% off today. Links and Show Notes: List of Adventure Time characters Support Top Four with a Relay FM MembershipMarco Arment and Tiff Arment
Pergamum was a major city in the province of Asia, and a significant religious center. Behind the city was a large cone-shaped hill on which there were many temples to Greek gods, including a large altar to Zeus. Most significantly it was a center for the religious worship of the emperor. Christians would have been encouraged to offer sacrifices or…
Jonnie and Tony recall their experiences from Marian Hossa's jersey retirement ceremony and discuss other Chicago Blackhawks news and notes. Four Feathers Podcast is presented by, your go-to source for Blackhawks news, analysis, and updates. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @FourFeathersPod | @OnTapSportsNet Panelists: @Nonnie…
Yoel and Alexa are joined by Spencer Greenberg, founder of the behavioral science startup incubator Spark Wave and host of the Clearer Thinking podcast. He describes how he became fascinated with psychology and behavior change, and how he's been working to provide empirically-backed strategies for everday tasks, like making decisions or forming hab…
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