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Flight Risk is a Star Wars Actual Play Crime Dramedy, using the FFG Star Wars ruleset, set during the Old Republic Era. Join Flight Risk, an eccentric group of mercenaries, as they are thrust into the dark and violent world of organized crime. As agents of an enigmatic Count, they traverse the Outer Rim in an attempt to not only survive but to realize their destiny without losing their souls. Flight Risk is hosted by DeWayne Feenstra with players Joe, Velvet, Nemoy, and Kyle joined by additi ...
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Welcome to the fantastical planet of Weik where the science of Star Wars meets the fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons. A village has gone silent and it is up to three unlikely heroes to discover the cause. Heroes of the Hydian Way’s Kristine Chester leads Victoria Rogers of The Broadswords, DeWayne Feenstra of the Aero-Girl Adventures, and Marie Claire …
In celebration of International podcasting Month here is a special game of Mutants in the Night DeWayne and velvet played in 2019This is a Mutants in the Night one shot for International Podcast month!CONTENT WARNINGThere are content warnings for fire, violence, and mentions of forced medical procedures.Featuring:Cole Burkhardt on Twitter: @kingcol…
Nearing their goal of finding parts to repair the hyperdrive of the Starhawk, Bael's, Ann's and Anar'ki's quest may be coming to a successful conclusion. Will the universe allow these wayward souls to have a happy ending or will fate deal them a poor hand?Flight Risk
While Bael, Anar'Ki and Ann traverse the horrors aboard the Pulsar Quest their trusty droids Pip, Perry and J3-S3 are faced with an interesting dilemma. Special guest voices Adam, Mikey and Ed from @forcemajuerepodFlight Risk
Thunder Sword (Tubular Teens with Titans theme) Written By: Keisha Wallace, Joe Khasm, and Ahmad Joudeh Performed By: Keisha Sounds (this is my artist name) Produced by: Keisha Wallace and Kelly Jones for DaspotAcewall Productions Recorded, Mix, and Mastered by: Daspot Recording Studio in Richmond, VA…
With the party raging will Bael, Skip, Dorrick and Anr'Ki be able to get off planet unscathed? Links: https://decolonizepalestine.com/ Help us get urgent medical supplies into the hands of Palestinians in need. The Palestine Children's Relief FundFlight Risk
Greev and Obaana find themselves deep within a Sith research facility. Will they rescue the experimented on animals or will vengeance reign supreme? Additional Voices provided by AJ Andrew from Dicey CantinaFlight Risk
Greev Ondoola finds himself deep within a Sith research facility. Will he who put an end to the evil machinations of the scientists or will he find himself becoming one of their subjects?Flight Risk
Narrowly avoiding an explosive situation has put Skip, Bael, Dorrick and Anar\ki one step closer to getting into the depths of the sith khyber crystal mine Additional voices provided by Greasy Panda Gaming GoodSirBloodFlight Risk
Kane Pryde and Rael Bronda hunt down the fake Mandalorian Clan that framed Clan Ohdias and tried to instigate a civil war. Their pursuit had taken them to the outer regions of Mandalorian space. Additional voices provided by Noah from Flash Fantasy AJ KimbalFlight Risk
With a carefully constructed plan, our heroes decide to walk directly into the Sith base in their attempt to free the slaves and redirect the Khyber crystal shipment. Additional voices provided by Blamed Cat This episode was brought to you by Two for One SpecialFlight Risk
Finally reunited, the quartet of Bael, Dorrick, Skip and Anar'Ki set out to complete their primary objective of stopping the shipment of khyber crystals. Additional voices provided by weaselpunk AJ Greasy Panda Gaming Blamed Cat Ryan form Flash FantasyFlight Risk
Wandering force user Eren Windstalker find himself on the mysterious planet of Dathomir. What (or who) has drawn the hero of Weik to this hub of force energy? Additional voice work provided by @sarahjoybellydanceFlight Risk
In this very special episode, GM DeWayne sits down with GMs of Force Majeure, Coruscant Nights, Dicey Cantina and The Starbirds to discuss how they started their showsFlight Risk
The Flash Fantasy: Skeleton Crew crossover continues! The quartet of Bael, Sskogga, Dorrick and Bog continue to explore the frozen underworld of Illum. Special guest stars Noah and Ryan from The Flash Fantasy podcast Follow Skip and Anar'Ki's adventures hereFlight Risk
Incursion! After the Fortuna twins disappeared in a flash of light, a trandoshan and a chadrafan have materialized in their place. Are these interdimensional travelers here to help or hinder Bael and Dorrick as they attempt to figure out the secrets of Ajunta Palls hidden lab? Special guest stars. @FlashFantasy Additional voices @nifernif @UofCorus…
Pip and Perry try to avoid their droidknappers in the bowls of a freighter deep in space. Will the pint sized pals be able to escape to freedom or is servitude in their future? Thanks to Adam and Mikey for playing in this game Additional voices provided by Greasy Panda Games Michael Waldschlager IIFlight Risk
Deep in a frozen chasm on the Planet Illum, Dorrick, Skip, Bael and Anar'Ki find themselves face to face with the force ghost of a long dead Jedi Master. Follow Skip and Anar'Ki over to The Skeleton Crew Additional voices provided by James Malloy Noah from Flash Fantasy CA True Crime PodcastFlight Risk
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