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Most of the miracles of Jesus happened while he was on his way to someplace else. In this message, Pastor Larry explains how walking in the Spirit isn't about arriving at a destination, but rather, a lifestyle of consistently being available for God's use.Pastor Larry Dugger
In the Old Testament, God sent a manuscript. In the New Testament, God sent a man. Jesus had passionate relationships and by learning how to engage with him, we too can reel others to our inner circle. If you've struggled to build genuine, authentic relationships, this teaching is for you.Pastor Larry Dugger
It's easy to find Jesus, but it's sometimes hard to follow him. In this teaching, Pastor Larry explains what a life surrendered to Christ looks like. If you've had trouble seeing Jesus as an example you can follow, this teaching is for you.Pastor Larry Dugger
Spiritual warfare is an often misunderstood subject. In this teaching, Pastor Larry explains what is actually happening when the enemy makes an appearance in the life of the believer. If the enemy is slithering around in your circumstances, this teaching is for you.Pastor Larry Dugger
Most of us know what it is like to be crippled by fear. Too often, we fear the worst, especially in those moments when life seems to be coming apart at the seams. In this message, Pastor Larry explains how to have no fear of bad news by being steadfast.Pastor Larry Dugger
As you move through life, you will often find yourself in situations that don't feel very "good". In those instances, it can be hard to know what to do. In this teaching, Pastor Larry explains how being a reasonable person and having a good life are often connected.Pastor Larry Dugger
When life goes dark, our natural tendency is to pull back and focus on how bad life seems in the moment. But that's not what Jesus did. Jesus brought light to the fight and so can you. In this teaching, Pastor Larry explains what to do when life goes dark.Pastor Larry Dugger
In God's economy, giving is the path to prosperity. As Jesus poured himself into others, God was always refilling Jesus' capacity to give. Jesus never ran out, even though he was constantly pouring out. In this teaching, Pastor Larry explains how to have wealth and riches, not just in your heart, but also in your house.…
God is looking for those he can pour through. A big part of learning how to be an unbreakable person is so that you can pass that on to others. In this teaching, Pastor Larry explains how to raise children that will grow up to be mighty in the land.Pastor Larry Dugger
Life has a way of breaking us down and even the spiritually strong often find themselves feeling the pressure of a heavy circumstance. What if you could learn to be unbreakable? What if you could stand up to every storm and uncertainty? In this message, Pastor Larry explains where to start if you want the kind of victorious life that Jesus died for…
The scripture clearly points out how our lives have an echo. What we do today goes out and comes back to us many times over. If you've struggled with family dysfunction, this message is for you. It's time for the negative traits that run in your family to run into the Jesus living inside of you.Pastor Larry Dugger
Caught in a rut that, whatever you do, you can’t seem to get out of? Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, that no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to shake it? Watch as Pastor Kevin shares how to learn from a disciple of many mistakes and how he learned to step out of the boat.…
Who you allow to influence your life will have an impact upon the quality of your future. In this message, Pastor Larry explains how to recognize both the right and wrong kind of people. If you're having problems in your everyday life, it could be that you're listening to the wrong voices.Pastor Larry Dugger
Do you hear God clearly directing you to make some major changes but your hesitancy is creating relationship problems? In this teaching, Pastor Larry explains why you must stop being passive and start actively moving in the direction the Holy Spirit is drawing you.Pastor Larry Dugger
Too often, we believe that what we have done in the past will haunt us forever. We look back at who we used to be and see that person as the one still calling the shots. But what if Jesus could give you a new past? The truth is, he has! If you've struggled with something you've done, this message is for you.…
Even the best relationships can become a great source of misery when we have a secret sin buried within our hearts. King David found himself in this situation. It's not until we come clean with God that we are free to be in harmony with others. If you've struggled with a deep-rooted secret sin, this message is for you.…
All relationships have a vantage point. The vantage point is a place where you're looking from. Without the right line of sight, relationship rescue will be impossible. If you've struggled with how things look or the baggage of your past, this message is for you.Pastor Larry Dugger
It's not always easy to cut ties with those who are constantly blocking the flow of God's presence from entering our lives. Isaac of the Old Testament shows us how to be an example to these "flow blockers" without being in a close relationship with them.Pastor Larry Dugger
Not everyone is who you've decided they are and not everyone is who you wish they were. In this teaching, Pastor Larry uses the story of Jacob and Esau as a guide when trying to decide who to pull closer and who to distance yourself from. If you've struggled to keep good company, this message is for you.…
Jesus wore two crowns: a crown of thorns and a crown of gold. In this teaching, Pastor Larry uses the crown of thorns to explain why Jesus is certified and qualified to forgive the sins of all mankind. If you've struggled with accepting His unconditional forgiveness, this message is for you.Pastor Larry Dugger
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