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What's Happened Since - Women's History Month!/Stacy Dash is running for congress/My rant about A Wrinkle in Time (Spoiler alert if you didn't read the book); The Spotlight - Black History in Nascar; All Things I Want to Discuss - I've fully canceled Russell Crowe/Ben Carson's expensive office furniture/Shondaland recap and extra stuff…
What's Happened - It's Black History Month!!!??/SpaceX launches/Winter Olympics/Parkland school shooting; Spotlight - Sandra Bland Exhibit (Houston, TX)/The Lip Bar is in Target; All Things I Want to Discuss - Black Panther (no spoilers...well not really ??, just my rant on these think pieces)/Nipsey Hustle - Too Big To Fail/Shondaland Recaps and m…
What’s Happened - Lawrence Nassar is sentenced/The State of The Union/The Van Jones Show/The Grammys; Spotlight - Charlene Chinn (C. Chinn Solutions and Life of Char vlog); All Things I Want to Discuss - Microwave Boiled Eggs ?, Omarosa is going to Celebrity Big Brother, ShondaLand recap and more!
What’s Happened - Govt shutdown/Women’s March/Sterling K Brown making history; Spotlight - Black Spaces Matter exhibit/Globetrekkers podcast; All Things I want to Discuss - includes Shondaland recaps (Spoiler Alert!) and more!
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