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Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss a young man with a distinguished man who did the most non-distinguished things.... Come for the crime, stay for Nancy's treatise on skin cell DNA distribution.Trigger warning: Crimes against childrenNancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss a man with no background, no personal history, not even a photograph on the internet, who escalates things in an effort to protect his grandfather from a fiendish assassin.... his own step-grandmother.Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss a woman who is after their own hearts. Up until Lynda winds up in a firefight in a busy Wal-Mart parking lot, she is an adventurous woman who sailed around the Gulf of Mexico, drove fast cars, rode motorcycles, and was an advocate for animals.Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss a man who was well ahead of his time. A man who made lasting political and social changes, saving hundreds of thousands of lives. And yet despite his work for King and Country, he is still tried and executed for treason.Trigger warning: Discussion of abuse/cruelty suffered by indigenous peoples.…
Trigger warning this week for domestic violence, stalking, and horrific crimes committed against children.Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss just an absolute scumbag who terrorized his wives, killed those most precious to him, and blamed the whole thing on drugs and the KKK.Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss serial killer duo, and total scumbags, the Killing Cousins. These two dirt bags stalked women up and down the Florida coast, preying on those weaker than them, and disposing of their victims in citrus groves. Also, this week, Drew's passion regarding nuts.Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew this week as they a look at a con man who twisted the tenants of the Mormon faith to suit his own perverted needs, and murdered some folks along the way. Truly beware of the man behind the sheet.Warning: This episode does contain horrific crimes against children.Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew as they kick off Season 5 of Death Row Kitchen with some spooky stories of death row hauntings! The ladies discuss spooky specters, haunted prisons, and executioners literally driven mad by the ghosts of the criminals they executed.Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew for their 100th episode!!! To mark the occasion the ladies discuss a serial killer known as the Vampire of Hanover and the Wolf-Man.Trigger warning: this episode is particularly graphic this week. It contains descriptions of murders, dismemberment, and cannibalism.Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss a man who is just a cornucopia of awfulness. This episode truly has it all (and trigger warnings for the following): Nazism, animal torture, incest, sexual assault, suicide attempts, and in depth discussions on the superior types of apples.Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss Linwood and James Briley Jr, two of the criminals behind the Mecklenburg Six prison escape. These two wreaked havoc and terror on the city of Richmond, Virginia with the help of their younger brother and a family friend.Nancy Drew
What do arts and crafts, portable tvs, and screwdrivers have in common? They've all been used by death row inmates to escape from prison! Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss death row inmates and the pure shenanigans they get into as they attempt to break out of the big house.Nancy Drew
This week join Nancy and Drew as they discuss a man who terrorized the eastern seaboard of the United States for three weeks, selecting victims at random, and showing no mercy towards anyone. This episode also includes the best name for a Canadian superhero, and possibly the worst last meal of all time.…
This week join Nancy and Drew as they delve into one of the most brutal bank robberies in United States history. Jay Wesley Neill, for better or worse, changed an entire town with his actions, and then made sure his last meal helped him avoid a urinary tract infection.Nancy Drew
This week Nancy and Drew discuss one of America's more prolific serial killers: The Freeway Killer. A man described as “a gross, revolting affront to human dignity," whose only regret in life is that he never pursued his teenage dream of becoming a professional bowler.Nancy Drew
This week Nancy and Drew discuss a criminal who escalates from petty burglary to international drug smuggling to multiple murders and dismemberments. Everyone, meet John Martin Scripps, international man of mysteryTrigger warning: several mentions of suicide and suicidal ideation, including a first person description of a suicide attempt.…
Join Nancy and Drew as they discuss petty criminal Harold McQueen Jr, his jailhouse redemption, and the worst radio show contest prize ever (yes worse than that time that lady held her bladder for days just to win a Toy-Yoda instead of the Toyota the show promised).Nancy Drew
Join Nancy and Drew this week as they discuss one of the most influential people you've probably never heard of. His social and pop culture influence is still felt to this day. Also, find out if Little Wayne is a member of the Illuminati (spoiler alert: according to that one guy on the internet, he is).…
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