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With some thoughts that might challenge church leaders today, Dr David Petts chats about the need for churches to involve everybody and build one another up.www.davidpetts.orgwww.brixham.church/listenDavid and Jonathan Petts
Why did Paul say that women should remain silent in churches? What else in that passage raises questions? Find out by listening to Dr David Petts and his son chat through 1 Corinthians 14:29-40.www.davidpetts.orgwww.brixham.church/listen:-)David and Jonathan Petts
Listen to the latest podcast from David and Jonathan Petts. Examining 1 Corinthians 12-14 as a guide to what we should aim for when we 'do church' David and Jonathan consider Paul's teaching on the use of tongues and interpretation in church.David and Jonathan Petts
Is it possible that speaking in tongues could actually divide Christians? If they make you sound like a foreigner then they might make others feel like a foreigner! This is why Paul clearly tells the Corinthian church to prophesy in public and pray with their spirits more in private: "I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you. But in…
Did spiritual gifts cease at the end of the apostolic age? Are tongues heavenly languages? Can the devil understand me when I speak in tongues? As we look at the familiar passage on love in the church (1 Corinthians 12) David Petts answers some other contraversial questions.David and Jonathan Petts
Is the gift of tongues really meant for every Christian? In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul asks the rhetorical question, "Do all speak in tongues?" Should this imply that the gift of tongues is not for everybody?In the same passage he encourages believers to desire the greater gifts. What are the greater gifts?!…
1 Corinthians 12 has this wonderful imagery of one body, many parts. Hear Dr David Petts chat with Jonathan about what this means for our church gatherings and why it is relevant to spiritual gifts.David and Jonathan Petts
"Apostolic instructions to a charismatic congregation"Does the bible have anything to say about how our church services should look? How should we "Do Church"?1 Corinthians 11-14 are the only chapters that really deal with this subject. Cultural differences aside, there are several principles that apply today.In this first podcast, let's look at th…
In the final episode of "How to make the most of your daily bible reading," David and Jonathan discuss some bible reading pitfalls. You'd think reading God's perfect Word would be without problems but it's important to remember that even the devil quoted scripture! Enjoy the listen. :-)Please share this if you think it will benefit others ;-)www.da…
John the Baptist an Old Testament prophet? I never heard of such a thing!It's useful to understand the distinct line in the sand that the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 draws in the overall bible narrative. Listen to find out how this understanding will impact your daily bible reading!David and Jonathan Petts
You can't fully understand what the bible is saying unless you examine the context. In this podcast we have an introduction to understanding the New Testament in the light of the Old, and the Old Testament in the light of the New. One clear example of this is the Old Testament food laws.David and Jonathan Petts
Reading the bible but want to dig deeper? Not sure which translation to use? Got a passage that doesn't make sense? Can't understand why 'that verse' is even in the bible? David and Jonathan discuss aids to help our understanding of the bible.David and Jonathan Petts
In our daily bible reading, some knowledge of the cultural background will enrich our understanding of any passage, although the text as it stands is still God's all sufficient word to us.References in this episode: Jewish attitudes to Gentiles and Samaritans Colossians 2:15 - Triumph; see also Just a Taste of Heaven (David Petts), pages 118-119. 1…
Some basic understanding of Bible passages in context will help us to make better sense of our daily Bible reading. Just a simple overview of what books fit in where, and a feel of the history in the bible will help the reader to clarify what God is saying.Your task, should you accept it, is to have a go at summarising the message of the Bible in l…
In "How to get the most out of your daily Bible reading, Part 2" David and Jonathan discuss 7 general principles regarding how God speaks to us today through the Bible.For more information about David Petts visit www.davidpetts.org.David and Jonathan Petts
David and Jonathan continue their exploration into the success of the early church in the book of Acts. This time, part 2 of the power of the Word. May you be encouraged and emboldened by the Holy Spirit to speak His Word wherever you are planted!David and Jonathan Petts
The first Church grew rapidly because of the power of the Spirit, the power of the Word and the power of the Name of Jesus... And three other keys yet to be revealed!!! May God bless you as you listen. :-)David and Jonathan Petts
What was the secret of the success of the early Church in the book of Acts? David and Jonathan discuss 5 keys to church growth. The Holy Spirit is the first key which was looked at in episodes 36-38. Today, the power of the Word is discussed. Be blessed and encouraged. :-)David and Jonathan Petts
What was the secret of the success of the early Church in the book of Acts? David and Jonathan discuss 5 keys to church growth. The Holy Spirit is the first, the Word is the second key. Be blessed and encouraged.:-)David and Jonathan Petts
What was the secret of the success of the early Church in the book of Acts? David and Jonathan discuss 5 keys to church growth. The Holy Spirit is the first. Be blessed and encouraged.:-)David and Jonathan Petts
The Holy Spirit not only demonstrates God's power but he gives God's people direction. Hear how the first Christians benefited from these demonstrations and directions and be inspired to do the same!David and Jonathan Petts
The Holy Spirit is a divine person, part of the Trinity, and the inspirer of scripture. See how the book of Acts bears this out ready for the next episode where we begin to see his power at work.David and Jonathan Petts
The outside world's attitude to the first Church seemed to oscillate between persecution and peace. In both cases, the Church's response to the world was uncompromisingly evangelistic. Can we say the same?David and Jonathan Petts
Part 2 of an exciting new series looking at how the first Church grew and developed, with lessons for every believer today. The first Church was unified, looking out for one another's needs, committed to the Apostles' teaching and had a dynamic leadership structure. Sound good? ;-)David and Jonathan Petts
We hear of miracles happening in certain circumstances and not in others. Ultimately God is sovereign and will do what he will. However, there are four circumstances in which miracles are more likely to occur. Listen and be inspired to take action!www.davidpetts.orgDavid and Jonathan Petts
How important is the role of teacher in the church? Is the Pastor the same person as the Teacher? Should women be allowed to teach? What are the qualifications required for teaching in the church?David and Jonathan Petts
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