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Dr. Bill Dorfman™ (or drbilldorfman™) Podcast presents Meet the Mentor® series is a weekly podcast that showcases mentors in many fields and industries that share their experiences with New York Times Best-Selling author and celebrity dentist, the founder of The LEAP Foundation, Dr. Bill Dorfman.
If you have ever been fascinated by popular science and longed to explore physics on a deeper level but found text books dull and impenetrable? Have you ever listened time and again to how "all physicists agree" and thought to yourself, no wonder we are in trouble if they all agree to that! Then this is maybe for you. Having grown bored of the religious dogma that often passes for physics these days, Dr Bry decided to take a look for himself, his battle cry "Nullius in Verba", On the word of ...



Emotions r us for those who experience early life struggles of fear, shame, guilt or pain and/or emotionally age inappropriate moments. DrBev, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, offers common sense, life information to help you help you.
With a humble heart, big smile , wise words and giving hands Bishop Ajayi crisscrossed the world touching and transforming lives one person at a time. He always knew what was important and when to spare no effort in service to the Lord. Most importantly, he had a passion and zeal for God and His word which he demonstrated wholeheartedly till the very end. Let this podcast which are carefully selected episodes of his daily faith teachings inspire and minister to your spirit. These teachings a ...
*Empowering those who are OVERLOOKED... training ALL from regression and preparing them for profession. Though it seems unimaginable, GOD allows the impossible, unseen, unheard, unexpected and unexplainable to manifest! Want to be a witness to significance and fruition! Join me as we “INHERit” GOD’s blessings to regain a happily ever after story! We’re bringing people to the nation without hesitation. “It’s a pleasure to serve than be served. My duty is to bring the beauty by bringing the in ...
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Upon graduating from New York University’s College of Dentistry and subsequently completing her three-year orthodontic residency at Harvard Medical School in 2018, Dr. Ingrid Murra founded Two Front, a breakthrough health tech brand bringing next-generation orthodontics to the market. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices…
On this week's Meet the Mentor® Series Podcast Rewind, Dr. Bill interviews Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, TV personality and entrepreneur Michael Strahan. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesLeap Foundation
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