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The damage from Fiona got us thinking about which types of trees fare best through major weather events. It just so happens there's a conference on urban forests and climate change happening in Charlottetown this week. We spoke with one of the arborists taking part.
Many business owners along the trail are concerned that visitors are getting the wrong impression when it comes to which areas suffered during Fiona. So they want to make it clear - the area is ready to welcome tourists with open arms.
The emergency communications system used by first responders in northern Cape Breton temporarily went down the day after Fiona hit. An Ingonish resident says backup systems need to improve.
durée : 00:03:08 - Ils sont fous ces Bretons France Bleu Breizh Izel - Denis est un breton qui réalise son rêve de toujours : tout plaquer, plus de maison et partir sur les routes en roulotte tirée par un cheval. Est-ce que c'est votre rêve ? Denis a 70 ans et s'est jeté dans cette aventureFrance Bleu
Thousands of Nova Scotians have been without power this week in the wake of hurricane Fiona. Many have been making last ditch efforts to save the food in their fridges. Others are looking for alternative ways to prepare a hot meal. We chat with the Manager of the Province's Food Safety Program for advice on cleaning out the fridge and how to avoid …
durée : 00:03:51 - Ils sont fous ces Bretons France Bleu Breizh Izel - Ces bretons vont enfin entrer dans l'histoire ... en bleu ! Record officiel enfin en vue à LanderneauFrance Bleu
durée : 00:02:50 - Ils sont fous ces Bretons France Bleu Breizh Izel - Le secret d'une fleuriste bretonne pour décrocher dans son équipe une deuxième médaille dans un concoursFrance Bleu
CBRM's Mayor Amanda MacDougall says staff are calculating the cost of responding to an Imperial Oil gasoline spill in July. The Mayor says that will factor into talks on future emergency response.
durée : 00:02:49 - Ils sont fous ces Bretons France Bleu Breizh Izel - Ils sont fous ces bretons à courir autant de côtes pour aider la jeune Kaëllys de PlouhinecFrance Bleu
CEO of Destination Cape Breton, Terry Smith, tells us why Destination Cape Breton is asking for a one percent increase to the room marketing levy and for it to apply to more accommodations.
A Sydney resident was shocked to find out a gasoline spill this summer was not completely contained by a supposedly leak-proof berm. That's left her wondering what else residents are not being told.
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