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Natalia was an Engineer in Ukraine, before her life changed one day as she was woken by her husband as war broke out. Listen to the full conversation with Karalee Katsambanis and Dr Lesa Melnyczuk. See for privacy information.6PR
Thousands are turning to Hipcamp - Australia’s most comprehensive provider for unique outdoor stays to save money while holidaying this summer. Brooke Wood, Marketing Manager of Hipcamp spoke to Karalee Katsambanis on Weekends. See for privacy information.6PR
Dean was closely involved in the process that resulted in the historic Uluru Statement From The Heart. He spoke to Karalee Katsambanis on Weekends about the Voice - what is it, why is it necessary for a strong and unified Australia. See for privacy information.6PR
Recent reports show the number of women prisoners has increased, at a faster rate than men. The ABS reported the number of female prisoners in 1994 was 840, increasing by 2 452 from 840 to 3 292. By 2030 it is predicted if we continue at this rate, by 2030 we will be spending more than $7 billion on incarceration. Melanie Schwartz, Associate Profes…
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