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Are you a researcher or data scientist / analyst / ninja? Do you want to learn Bayesian inference, stay up to date or simply want to understand what Bayesian inference is? Then this podcast is for you! You'll hear from researchers and practitioners of all fields about how they use Bayesian statistics, and how in turn YOU can apply these methods in your modeling workflow. When I started learning Bayesian methods, I really wished there were a podcast out there that could introduce me to the me ...
Feuilletonistische Exkursionen ins innerste Bayern und radiophone Fernblicke über den Tellerrand: von der Geschichte der kleinen Leute bis zur großen Politik, vom Brauchtum bis zur Avantgarde. Wir nehmen Klischees aufs Korn und Witze ernst, pflegen die Kunst des Derbleckens und setzen auf Selbstironie statt auf Selbstbeweihräucherung. Es ist uns ein Vergnügen, Sie nicht unter Ihrem Niveau zu unterhalten!
Zeit für Bayern

Zeit für Bayern

Bayerischer Rundfunk

"Zeit für Bayern" bietet die Gelegenheit, alle Regionen Bayerns näher kennen zu lernen und neu zu erfahren. Akustische Reisen zu Interessantem und Unbekanntem, zu Neuentdecktem und Altbewährtem. "Zeit für Bayern" ist bayerisches Leben und bayerisches Lebensgefühl abseits aller Klischees. Für Bayern - und alle, die es werden wollen. "Zeit für Bayern" - sollte jeder haben!
Unsere Kirche ist bunt und jeder ist willkommen! Die Gottesdienste dauern kurzweilige 75 Minuten und zeichnen sich durch eine offene und fröhliche Atmosphäre aus. Der Stil ist unkonventionell und modern. Anfangs singen wir einige Lieder, die leidenschaftlicher Ausdruck unserer Beziehung zu Gott sind. Die nachfolgende Predigt möchte Gottes Gedanken für unser Leben verständlich und relevant kommunizieren. Wir lieben Gott, Menschen und das Leben!
Bay Curious is a show about your questions – and the adventures you find when you go looking for the answers. Join host Olivia Allen-Price to explore all aspects of the San Francisco Bay Area – from the debate over "Frisco", to the dinosaurs that once roamed California, to the causes of homelessness. Whether you lived here your whole life, or just arrived, Bay Curious will deepen your understanding of this place you call home.
Bayless is the founding pastor of Cottonwood Church in California. He is known for his clear presentation of the gospel and the way he applies the life-changing truth of God‘s Word to everyday life. It‘s this same truth that radically turned his life around many years ago. Today, Answers with Bayless Conley is impacting lives around the world in many languages on TV and online.
Peter Bukowski, co-founder of The Leap, brings you a daily look at the Green Bay Packers year round with Locked On Packers! Go beyond the latest injury news into what you're seeing on the field, how it works, and how it might change with new players or against a division rival. It's the podcast for fans who know what happened, they want to know why and how! Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.
Four Bayern Munich fans, for Bayern Munich fans. Ben, Garett, Sebastian, and Tim come from four very different backgrounds but have one very important thing in common: a love for Bayern Munich. Join the quartet as they discuss all things Bayern, each providing commentary and insight from their own unique perspective as a fan.
Wake up each day as host Ryan Schlipp dives deep into the latest Green Bay Packers news and insights on the Packernet Podcast. Your leader in Packer news and Packers notes 365 days per year. The coverage ranges from day to day Packers information, to NFL news and NFL draft coverage. You won't find find a better Packers-centric NFL podcast anywhere.
Hier sind die HEROES OF TOMORROW ... hier sind Bayreuths Bundesliga Basketballer! Doch wer sind die Kerle, die in der easyCredit BBL und im FIBA Europe Cup über das Parkett der Oberfrankenhalle rennen? Hier im HOTcast stellen wir euch das Team genauer vor und versuchen für euch herauszufinden, welche Typen unsere Burschen sind!
Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer is a fun and informative podcast created in a 45-minute episodic format in order to deliver both knowledge and entertainment, while staying on pace with our fast-paced lifestyle. Coach Mike brings on fascinating guests, and their conversations offer fresh perspectives, unconventional wisdom and essential solutions.
米国シリコンバレー在住の駐在員が、毎週話題のテックニュースを少しだけ掘り下げます。 独自に配信しているニュースレター「Bay Area Newsletter」から毎週トピックスを取り上げます。 ニュースレターの購読登録(Free)を宜しくお願いします。 Bay Area Newsletter はこちら →
hock di her Bayern-Podcast

hock di her Bayern-Podcast

Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH

Bayern steht für beeindruckende Landschaften, jahrhundertealte Bräuche und für ein ganz besonderes Lebensgefühl. Über die Landesgrenzen hinaus begeistern die Einheimischen des Freistaats mit ihrer herzlichen Art, der bayerischen Gemütlichkeit und ihren gelebten Bräuchen. Sie tragen sie von Generation zu Generation weiter – immer authentisch und doch neu interpretiert, eben „traditionell anders“. Menschen aus Bayern erzählen hier ihre ganz persönlichen Geschichten. Die Episoden hat Podcaster ...
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Could the Packers do some offensive line reshuffling over the bye week? Peter Bukowski explains why this 49ers team is not the defensive front to try and get cute against, and why the Packers the the ultimate trump card against their pressure package: Davante Adams. Plus podcaster, YouTuber and Packers fan Matt Ramage joins the show to take the pul…
Tyler Brooke is joined by Ryan (aka Rcon) from Acme Packing Company to preview the divisional round matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. Plus, a look at how the Packers can try to contain 49ers tight end George Kittle. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Nation
This week Alex talks about beating Covid, watching the most stressful football game ever and he calls an old friend ! You can follow Alex on Social Media @ _alexwoodycomedy for content and live standup comedy dates . Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexWoodyComedy on Instagram @_alexwoodycomedy Beats provided by White Wolf Muzic @whitewolf1000 on Instagram…
Matt Schneidman and Bill Huber get you ready for the divisional round by previewing the Packers matchup with the 49ers. They discuss the history between the two teams, San Francisco’s run game and Nick Bosa and Fred Warner’s status for Saturday. They wrap by answering your listener questions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Series: The Best of All Is, God Is with UsSeries Big Idea: “Something has changed ... the world’s acting strange these days.” I heard this line several times in ads for an online TV series while I recovered from Covid. It sums up 2020 and 2021. “Something has changed and the world’s acting strange.” As a result, we need to hear Matthew’s descriptio…
2022年1月5日〜1月7日に開催された世界最大のデジタル技術見本市「CES2022」に参加してきました。 現地ラスベガスの様子や気になった物をご紹介します。 ・今年のCESの4テーマは実際どうだったの? ・話題の車体の色が変化するBMWとイーロンマスクの「VegasLoop」に乗ってきた ・存在感を示した韓国勢 ・家の重要性とメターバースについて ・人工人間(Artificial humans)? --- Send in a voice message:…
Western monarch butterflies migrate to California to overwinter each year, traveling hundreds, even thousands of miles When they arrive, they need nectar flowers and milkweed to survive, but climate change, pesticide use and loss of habitat are threatening these magical creatures. A Bay Curious listener named Ellea wants to know what we can do to h…
In 1968, an exhibition titled “New Perspectives in Black Art” opened in the Kaiser Center Gallery of the Oakland Museum. The show was curated by Evangeline “E.J.” Montgomery, a woman who was at the nucleus of the West Coast’s vibrant Black Arts movement during that radical era. According to Montgomery, the “New Perspectives” collection was “the fir…
Documentary filmmaker, David Burns joins me as we discuss a lost favorite from 1999. 3 big names wasn't enough to help this movie. Likes, dislikes and favorites are all discussed. Dockingbay77podcast on Facebook Dockingbay77pod on Twitter…
This is the second episode of a three part mini series on TTRPG zines, the physical objects, we love, make, read and use to play role playing games. The first one is and interview with Leo from L.F. OSR, maker and publisher of limited editions of bespoke RPG zines. If you play RPGs you're probably familiar with the concept. Community copies are fre…
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