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We talk with The Hoppers and Dan and Crissy about all sorts of random shit. Did you expect anything else? https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/bed-hoppers-swinging-in-the-uk-648594 https://media.blubrry.com/averageswingers/content.blubrry.com/averageswingers/AS146_British_as_hell.mp3Average Swingers
We chat with LiquorMini about drag shows, sobriety, swinging, cruising, and all the stuff in between! the Liquor Mini & a sexy Bartender….with us https://twitter.com/TheLiquorMini?s=20 https://media.blubrry.com/averageswingers/content.blubrry.com/averageswingers/AS142_The_Liquor_Mini.mp3Average Swingers
We recap PCAP Miami 2021! warning some shit gets deep. Miami Diaries — The RoboCock https://sapphicswingers.blogspot.com/ https://media.blubrry.com/averageswingers/content.blubrry.com/averageswingers/AS140_Two_testicles_a_hand_grenade_and_a_penis.mp3Average Swingers
What do you want to know about drug usage in the swinging lifestyle? What about condoms, dental dams and sex fests? Join us as we explore these fun topics. In this interview we talk to Shane and Erin from the Sex on the Fringe blog where they explore sex, consciousness, & substance Use. We touch on condom use, what a ‘sex fest‘ is (aka read orgy) a…
We have a chat with Bryan and Stephanie, the former podcasters known as Swing Wife. It was great to have a chat with them about what has been going on since we have not seen them in a VERY long time! They are joining us for Podcast-a-Palooza in Miami in May.Average Swingers
For NYE we got together with Casual Swinger and Sapphic Swingers at the Casual Compound. We did a podcast “mash-up”.Think of the old ’70s key party….Fishbowl thing. We put everyone’s name in a hat and whomever you drew was your podcast partner. The other guests of the Compound were Double Date Nation and SwingFessions. They were to be the guests on…
We have a Naughty chat with Gym folks in this episode! April and Scott join us to help get you all sexy and naughty. This is a fun chat about how you can get sexier with other members of the lifestyle community. Enjoy! Naughty Gym https://naughtygym.com/Average Swingers
We have an amazing chat with our sexy friends Andi and Dave….who also happen to be the creators and owners of the new swinging lifestyle website Double Date Nation. If you have not checked out this site….get yo’ ass there!! https://app.doubledatenation.com/ https://www.casualtoys.com/Average Swingers
Join us for the THIRD volume of “Ladies of the Lifestyle,” where the beautiful co-hosts of Our Naughty Escapades (Nikki), Celibate Swingers/Double Date Nation/Andi, Casual Swinger (Mallory), and our own beautiful Angie discuss their personal experiences with body issues in the lifestyle. Embracing, accepting, and yes…exposing your authentic self is…
Welcome to the Third Segment Episode Two of the Ladies of the LIfestyle!! We have our beautiful ladies Cate, Jessica, Natalie, Lesley, and of course myself bringing you fun conversation about choosing a partner for your partner. The first half was released on Swinging Down Under January 30, 2020 asAverage Swingers
In this episode we discuss taking a break from the lifestyle and ways to do it. We also talk about J getting his Robopenis or as he refers to it ET (extra-testicle). We included our short chat with Cate and Darrell while they were here visiting us for the holidays! Enjoy!Average Swingers
This is our annual group cast with Kris, Kristi, JT, Cherie, Kelly and Tracy. We strongly suggest listening to this in parts as it is long-winded. Things you will hear: Get’em Y’all, Anal?, She took one for the other team, penis training, and finally Holding your wants back is only holding yourself back. https://leathermasters.com/…
We sit down and talk with Cate via Skype from SDU about their upcoming visit to Texas! They are coming to hang out with us for Christmas and New Years!! You will find us all @ Colette Dallas on NYE! We have a short discussion about Podcast-a-Palooza aka PCAP and who did not turn in […]Average Swingers
Welcome to the second series of LOL. This is episode 1 of 2. We sit down and talk about stuff from a female perspective. Hope you enjoy! Go listen to Euphoria Chronicles episode 41 to be released on Dec 1st for the rest of the conversation!! https://toledoadultparties.com/ @freckles_katie @MrFreckles6 @ClubEuphoria1 @B_JFunCouple @raul_n_roni…
This is the 3rd segment of the LOL series! If you have not yet listened to the first 2 segments of LOL….STOP HERE!!! Go listen to segment 1 under Two or More to Tango episode 31 and then on to segment 2 under Swinger Diaries Bonus episode 78! We have a room full of sexy […]Average Swingers
We talk about our Epic adventure at the Club Euphoria Foam party!! This was one of the best hotel takeovers that we have been to! We have an awkward attempt at a group podcast….which is now referred to as the “shit show” for obvious reasons. In our wonderful Shit Show we have awesome guests- Our […]Average Swingers
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