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Adal Rifai and Louie Saunders explain the grisly details of the gross-out horror sequel 'Human Centipede 2' to Arnie who really should have known better than to ask. Warning: the movie is apparently somehow even more disturbing than the original. It's a really gross Stupid Nerd!Arnie Niekamp
The final installment on the oral history of the Assassins game between iO and ComedySportz Chicago. Kat Gotsick, Jon Forsythe, David Flora, Brett Elam and Josh Logan are back to explain who won and how. Cesar Jamie and Matt Manley are also interviewed.Arnie Niekamp
The saga of the iO VS ComedySportz Assassins game continues. Interviews include: ComedySportz CEO Matt Elwell, Katy Colloton, Tim Frank, Peyton Brown and Peter Kremidas, as well as more from Kat Gotsick, Jon Forsythe, Brett Elam, David Flora and Joshua Logan.Arnie Niekamp
The epic Assassins game between iO Chicago and Comedy Sportz! Arnie interviews Kat Gotsick and Jon Forsythe, who ran the game, along with players David Flora, Brett Elam and Josh Logan. Also interviewed in part one: Charna Halpern, Blaine Swen, Jet Eveleth, Adal Rifai, Louis Saunders, Alex Trepka, Patrick Rowland and Nikki Pierce. Look for part two…
Arnie has a new podcast, "We Wrongly Assume (People Care What We Say)." Stupid Nerd will continue, but you'll want to go subscribe to this new one as well, to make sure you don't miss future installments. For this first episode Arnie's guests are Steve Waltien and Rush Howell.Arnie Niekamp
Arnie learns about the lizard people who live among us and control our governments from guests Irene Marquette and Allard Laban. He also learns about the Clockwork Elves from another dimension. Just for fun, hollow earth, Mormons and Paul McCartney are also discussed.Arnie Niekamp
Arnie learns about the LOTR board game War of the Ring, from Shad Kunkle. Shad owns a massive (and expensive), limited edition hand crafted version of the game. Arnie and Shad's wife, Kate Hawley, try to figure out whether it's worth it.Arnie Niekamp
Arnie learns about The Hunger Games, the YA postapocolyptic novel from his guests Sarah Maher, Megan O'Neill and Matt Meador. They actually set out to talk about the entire trilogy but got so caught up describing how they'd fight to survive that they spent the whole hour talking about the first book.…
Arnie learns about various nerdy Christmas specials from Jason Chin, Sean Kelley and Padraic Connelly. Topics include the Star Wars Christmas special, various Muppets Christmas specials, an Epcot Christmas memory, and various takes on A Christmas Carol (among other things).Arnie Niekamp
Still more serial killers. Arnie's guests Louie Saunders, Ellen Haeg and Molly Willbanks are back to talk about serial killers yet again. This time we talk about the Beltway Snipers, the ten year old killer Mary Bell, the BTK Killer and get the latest updates on the Zodiac.Arnie Niekamp
An excerpt from the "Aphasia Presents Something" podcast starring Jeff Griggs, Jeannie Cahill and Brett Lyons. They debate nerdiness and who is and isn't nerdy. Arnie will be back soon with more Stupid Nerd podcasts.Arnie Niekamp
Arnie learns about cryptic crosswords, an incredibly nerdy and more challenging variation on crossword puzzles from his guests Noah Gregoropoulus and Joe Burton. Make sure to download and print out the crossword we work on during this episode which you can find at posted right after this episode.…
Arnie learns a little about Medieval Times (a jousting-themed stunt show dining experience) from Sarah Wonak and Matt Trupia. Chris Weil stops by briefly to share a story about being kicked out of Medieval Times.Arnie Niekamp
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