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Join us as each week as we explore and practice what it means to express God's love for the world. First Presbyterian is an inclusive congregation located in the heart of Marin County, California. We are a church that feels called to love one another, express gratitude, ease suffering, and work for justice.
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In the power of the Risen Christ, Resurrection liberates bodies and lives. Resurrection breaks everything free, and then invites us to take the next step into this new life of liberation.Rev. Scott Clark
Like, Paul and Lydia and Ananias and Tabitha and the women at the river outside the city gates, and the widows in Joppa, we welcome each other in to the life of Resurrection. In Christ, we experience Resurrection in depth of belonging – in hospitality and tender mercy – embodied in community – embodied in us.…
In this Sunday's sermon, we venture into the world of Revelation. Enlivened and empowered by Resurrection, we experience the Risen Christ in fierce resistance and in tender mercy.Rev. Scott Clark
In breakfast on the shore with the Risen Christ, the disciples experience Resurrection in their bodies. They experience not only Jesus’ Resurrection, but their own. (This homily followed an enactment of the Scripture, from the play "Fish Eyes.")Rev. Scott Clark
In worship, we heard the case for Thomas, who history has wrongly judged for doubting. To Thomas’s questions, the Risen Christ responds with the gracious offer of himself and of life. The case for Thomas is the case for us.Rev. Scott Clark
If the stones shout out, what will they shout? Will they shout praise, and protest, and lament? In the fullness of Holy Week, what we experience is Christ filled to the fullness of our humanity, as we are filled to the fullness of Christ’s.Rev. Scott Clark
With our thoughts on Ukraine, this morning’s psalm takes seriously the suffering of the world and gives it voice. And, at the same time, the psalm holds that lament with hope – hope in a God who is our shelter and our strength.Rev. Scott Clark
The invitation of Ash Wednesday: Even now, even now, return to me with all your heart – with all your broken pieces – with all you are. And I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your youth will see visions; your elders dream dreams.Rev. Scott Clark
At the Threshold of Forgiveness – by God’s grace, we stand in the life we have lived until now – then we step through... into the life we find in Jesus Christ – we step into the new creation – into a world filled with love, possibility, and hope.Rev. Scott Clark
In the threshold of calling, God calls us to bring all of who we are created to be into the fullness of the life we live – and to join together in a shared life of rebuilding and reshaping a world where all live free.Rev. Scott Clark
Our body is the threshold where we encounter God. The body of Christ – our bodies together in One Body – is where the world encounters God. This Body, this is where Christ is coming to life in the world right now, and we are a part of that.Rev. Scott Clark
At the Threshold of Trouble – the gap between the world as it is, and the world as God is re-creating it to be – Jesus walks toward the trouble, and expects us to do the same.Rev. Scott Clark
In every threshold, God is with us liberating and empowering us into the next new thing. Thresholds open up the opportunity for us to pause and to ask – Where have I been and what have I learned there? What is being made manifest here and now? And, how shall I now live?Rev. Scott Clark
As we continue with our Advent theme Embracing Love and Tender Mercy, our worship centered on monologues adapted from Carol Howard Merritt's "I Am Mary." The monologues were adapted by Jessica Powell, with permission of the author.First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo
With the world whirling around her, in this moment of calm, Mary hears of the Christ to come, and embraces a love and tender mercy that will upend and change the world for good. The images and art discussed in the sermon can be found, along with the sermon text, at…
The practice of gratitude is a daily practice. Every minute of every day. God is near. And, every year, once a year – on Thanksgiving – no matter what’s going on in the world – we stop and give thanks.Rev. Scott Clark
In the heavenly throne room, John hears Lion but sees Lamb. Whether we recognize it or not, we are tempted to see God as a Lion, one who conquers through might and strength. But God's power and strength is most clearly expressed in the self-giving sacrificial love of the Lamb.Calvin Sodestrom, Guest Preacher
The wisdom of God turns the wisdom of the world on its head. The wisdom of God is embodied in Jesus and in a community that stands with those whose backs are up against a wall – in ways of living that lead to more life for all people.Rev. Scott Clark
When Woman Wisdom rises up off the page, she smashes through the confines of patriarchy and invites us into a more expansive, freer world.Rev. Scott Clark
On Labor Day weekend, we share a conversation about work in the time of pandemic -- wisdom at the intersection of work and our life of faith.Panel: Cheryl Prowell, Vivian Volz, Scott Clark
Wisdom is always-active, engaged, inter-generational, community learning – as we seek together for ways of living that lead to more life – for this moment and then the next.Rev. Scott Clark
In Wisdom, God is present with us in the questions, in the struggle, in the real stuff of life – helping us find ways of living that lead to more life. The beginning of wisdom is knowing that we know not, and listening with our whole heart – our whole selves – for the steadfast, loving presence of God, walking with us always into life.…
The Welcoming Body of Christ works for the freedom of all bodies so that, individually and together, we can all be all that we are created to be, in love. The body of Christ is not complete until all bodies are free.Rev. Scott Clark
In the rhythm of all our coming and going, in our gathering and going out and gathering again, Jesus says: “I am the bread of life – I will always welcome you in. Trust into me.” Moving forward together, we act in vulnerability and courage in the midst of the unknown; we experience authenticity; and we build trust.…
With discomforting Scriptures, the Spirit unsettles us and challenges us to see and name how we participate in systems that oppress, to change, and to join God's work of welcome and justice.Rev. Dvera Hadden
The welcome we return to God must be as loving and liberating as the welcome we have received – a welcome that names and dismantles every system that holds anyone anywhere down, a welcome that leaves no one behind, a welcome that sets the whole world free.Rev. Scott Clark
Jesus rejects inhospitality, welcomes everyone, and insists that we do too – through the spiritual practice of hospitality. The practice of hospitality invites us to approach every encounter (in our families, church, community, and nation) with a commitment to welcome: What are the barriers here? What does hospitality require of us?…
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