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Adiós Adicción

Adiós Adicción

Gregory Chiñas

Compartiré las luchas, los triunfos, las derrotas y cada lección que aprenda en el camino. Mientras lo hago, invitaré a otros a compartir sus historias de adicción y recuperación para que pueda aprender de ellos y recordar que no estoy solo. Dejar de beber es solo el comienzo, mantenerme sobrio y luego convertirme en la persona que sé que debo ser será la verdadera aventura. ¿Te quieres unir a mi?
"Together we (Learn + Earn ) Impact ". -Business & Life -Personal Development -Inspiration -Lesson/wisdom on life and business -My Perspective “Setiap pesan berpeluang mengubah kehidupan seseorang, berbagilah dari sekarang” Mari kita mau selalu berubah menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik dan lebih sukses lagi. #begratefulandtakeaction
Il nostro scopo è presentare la “Buona Notizia” del Vangelo dell’amore, del perdono, della pace, della guarigione e della vita eterna che Dio offre liberamente nel Suo Figlio Gesù. Annunciamo che Cristo risorto è l’unica via, non solo per la salvezza dell’anima, ma anche per vivere serenamente qui in terra.
En esta temporada del clásico gameriano, Gabriel Ramonet se dedica pura y exclusivamente al Poder Judicial y sus manejos, arreglos y roscas. Sin embargo, quien crea que este podcast únicamente se trata de denunciar a un solo Poder del Estado, está equivocado. La pregunta es ¿Con quiénes arreglan sus jugadas los jueces de Tierra del Fuego?
Im Podcast „Tierisch Menschlich“ sprechen Hundeprofi Martin Rütter und Wissenschaftsreporterin Katharina Adick über ihre Lieblingsthemen: die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Hund, das merkwürdige Verhalten mancher Zweibeiner, Neues aus der Forschung und skurrile Geschichten aus dem Leben mit Haustieren. Hörer:innen erfahren viel über den Hundeprofi persönlich, seine Ansichten zu Lakritzschlümpfen, Strafzetteln und Talkshows und natürlich immer wieder Privates über den inoffiziellen First Dog D ...
Welcome to ‘Daily mental fit bit’. A podcast for a smart professional like you to find simple, practical, effective tools to be mentally fit. Do you wonder if it is possible to be highly successful without being mentally burnt out? Spend just three minutes a day to build your own toolbox of mental hacks. Like a workout and diet plan for your body, you will learn a mental workout and emotional diet for your mind. Host Aditi Surana is a high-performance coach & the founder of India’s only ment ...
Every month I’m joined by a driving instructor to discuss their journey in our profession. We’ll be discussing how they got into the industry, the problems they’ve faced, how they’ve overcome them and the advice they would offer to fellow ADI’s. So if you’re a driving instructor, or considering becoming one, listen in to see that you’re not alone on this adventure.
Adicomplex es un Dj/Productor chileno conocido en twitter como @Sr_Adi. Bienvenidos a descargar y compartir mi musica. Adicomplex is a Chilean DJ / producer known in twitter as @Sr_Adi. Welcome to download and share my music so free.
The Adipose

The Adipose

Wild Steelhead Coalition

Welcome to the Adipose, the voice of the Wild Steelhead Coalition. In the 21st Century, a steelheader must be an angler, conservationist, and advocate. The Adipose is a place for the important, authentic conversations that educate and inspire anglers, members of the public, and the fishing industry to take action on behalf of wild steelhead and their home waters. Join us as we share the stories of the passionate community of steelheaders fighting to help ensure these incredible fish thrive l ...
Novus Aditus

Novus Aditus

Olli Haataja

Novus Aditus on näyttöön perustuva ravitsemus-, terveys- ja treeniblogi, jota isännöi valmentaja ja tietokirjailija Olli Haataja. Tältä kanavalta löydät blogikirjoitusten podcast-versiot ja itsenäiset jaksot, jotka liittyvät blogin teeman mukaisesti useimmiten kuntosaliharjoitteluun, ravitsemukseen ja terveyteen. Joissakin jaksoissa on lisäksi mukana vierailevia terveysalan tähtiä.
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San Harper has a wealth of experience that she shares on the latest episode of ADI stories. San explains: What first made her become an ADI How anxiety affected her How a student used his balls to improve his driving Can cats interpret indicators? What made her dive into mindfulness We cover all this and more, in this second episode of ADI stories …
This week's Sunday Story of Gratitude is sent by Sanjana Chakraborty. Sanjana shares a beautiful heart-melting incident that altered her and our perspective on life. Tune in to listen to her story. Who is the one person you're grateful for? Share your stories to write@aditisurana.comAPT mental gym
In today's guest insight episode, Daisy Tanwani - founder & CEO of a successful bootstrapped company, Pinklay India shares her favourite hack to be mentally & emotionally fit. If you or someone you know owns a pet, you will definitely agree with Daisy. Tune in.APT mental gym
When we feel stressed, overwhelmed or worked up through the day, all we want is to relax our body & mind. Today's guided meditation on the Daily mental fit bit podcast will allow you to relax your mind & body. Breathe in!
How many times have you avoided making that 1 important decision, taking that 1 big risk only because you're afraid of being criticised by somebody? Have you ever thought if every criticism you receive is truly wrong? Today's Daily mental fir bit episode will help you deal with your criticism better by using a technique of journaling. Tune in!…
Martin berichtet über massive Hasskommentare gegen seinen Freund Mathias Mester und wie nun dagegen vorgegangen wird. Außerdem in dieser Folge: Wieviel kränker als andere Hunde ist die Englische Bulldogge? Sind Elstern mit Bibern verwandt? Wann sollten Kinder erfahren, woher die Schnitzel kommen? Hörer:innenfrage: Warum jaulen viele Hunde, wenn ein…
Have you tried being disciplined but for some reason that did not work out? Tried to be disciplined about waking up early or going for your workout or saving money? A word in YogaSutra written by Patanjali talks about discipline and that is your word of the week in today's Daily mental fit bit.APT mental gym
Is loneliness a matter of people or connections? A person who is unhappy in marriage, but surrounded by friends & family could feel lonely. If you feel lonely in your relationship and wonder what you can do, tune in!APT mental gym
We missed posting this episode at 7 am. Aditi's health took a toll with her non-stop travel & long shoot days and we couldn't release today's episode on time. A lesson that we learnt from today's experience is our today's Daily mental fit bit episode. Tune in!APT mental gym
¡Animate a participar! Mándame un correo a Como alguien que ha pasado por una recaída (la palabra que elijo para describir mi experiencia de beber alcohol después de un período de abstinencia), puedo decirles por experiencia personal que no es fácil. No solo es físicamente agotador, sino emocionalmente agotador, empeorado …
This week's Sunday Story of Gratitude is sent by a dear friend, Aarti Samant. Aarti shares a significant incident that altered her professional life and was instrumental in winning pitches at work. Tune in to know more. Who is the one person you're grateful for? Share your stories to…
Creating social reform by fighting a stigma or changing the way people think is not easy in any way. Tune into this episode to find out what independent filmmaker Priya Thuvassery does to stay mentally & emotionally fit. Don't miss the poem she reads in this episode.APT mental gym
If you are in a conflict with someone, you know the feeling of arguing, conflicted, or even cornered. These feelings often make you feel helpless, irritated, angry and even resentful. If this rings a bell, tune into this meditation episode on the Daily mental fit bit podcast with Aditi Surana. Tune in!…
En este episodio Gabriel Ramonet nos relata cómo a comienzos del 2012, la Justicia de Tierra del Fuego empezó a dictar una serie de fallos que pusieron en riesgo la libertad de expresión en TDF, los cuales concluyeron ocho años después, por un pronunciamiento de la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación.…
Martins Lieblingsschwester Astrid ist zu Gast. Zusammen blicken sie zurück - auf ihre Kindheit, ein nicht einfaches Elternhaus, Martins Herzinfarkt vor genau 15 Jahren, aber auch auf viele lustige Episoden und Frotzeleien. Vor allem ein kurioser Unfall des zehnjährigen Hundeprofis mit einer Trittleiter beschwert das geschwisterliche Vertrauensverhä…
In the hustle of living life, we forget to pause and breathe. Aditi shares the Bulgarian word Ailyak which is the art of doing everything slowly with no rush while enjoying the process and life in general. When was the last time you practised Ailyak? Tune in to know more.APT mental gym
A French psychologist submitted a scientific paper on The Creativity Paradox in November 2020. It talks about how the obnoxious & over the top behaviour of the same creative mavericks is actually helping society. Understanding the creativity paradox concept and connecting it with relationships and the acceptance you have towards the weird behaviour…
This couplet by Sant Kabir will get you thinking about your own behaviour, your relationships and what causes that feeling of anxiety. Kabir's ancient Doha applied to our current life situation is today's daily mental fit bit episode. Tune in!APT mental gym
Kavita was left speechless as she didn't know what to say to her brother & mother who had blindly trusted her. The man she loved used her and she didn't know where to go or how to face her family. Until she met him. He changed her life. Tune into today's episode to know more about Kavita's story of gratitude. Who is the one person you're grateful f…
Designer Arpita Mehta shares what she does to stay mentally fit. She talks about her favourite quote, a thing she learnt from her favourite Tennis player and what keeps her going. Tune in to our guest insight episode on the Daily mental fit bit podcast.APT mental gym
Tu boda puede tener elementos de artesanos mexicanos. En esta ocasión Aida Mulato, fundadora de jóvenes artesanos, nos habla sobre el proyecto Así sí me casi en el que se promueven las artesanías dentro de la organización de bodas.Equipo de Time Out México
You judge yourself every single day with or without your knowledge. You judge who you are, the kind of body or social status you have. Today's weekly guided meditation will help you stop your self-judgment. Tune in!APT mental gym
Julia Cameron, the author of a bestseller book - The Artist way is an authority when it comes to journaling. In most cases, people use journaling to dump their thoughts or an emotionally triggering situation. Julia Cameron talks about how journaling can be used to find your self-expression. Tune in!APT mental gym
Beef beim Hundeprofi Zuhause: Martin erzählt von einer heftigen Auseinandersetzung zwischen seiner Emma und Marleens Hündin Luna und berichtet, wie er das Verhältnis wieder kitten konnte. Warum ist der Hund kein Detailgucker? Was wollen die Punks auf Sylt und wie war es für Martin auf dem Ärzte-Konzert? Außerdem: Außenwette mit Hennes, warum Alma l…
This week's Sunday Story of Gratitude is sent by our listener, Sanjana Hegde. Sanjana shares an incident she experienced when she was visiting her family in Mangalore, India. A stranger helped her with a generous deed of kindness. Tune in to know more. Who is the one person you're grateful for? Share your stories to…
I'm sure like everybody else you would have learned something life-transforming from this pandemic. It was tough (for most of us). But the people who looked at it as a high performers challenge, thrived. Tune into today's episode for some tools shared by one of the co-founders of MCaffeine.APT mental gym
In the pursuit of happiness, we forget that the path can sometimes go through the precarious way which is filled with pain. If you resist, ignore or deny it, it just becomes stronger. If you're struggling to embrace your pain, tune into today's guided meditation.APT mental gym
What's the 1 thing you hated but it eventually turned out to be quite useful? Digesting failure and doing something different about the same problem has been helpful for most people. Aditi talks about the TGIF journaling question. Tune in!APT mental gym
Die Petition gegen den Dogs Song gießt gewaltig Öl ins Feuer, die Fronten zum Thema Intro sind verhärtet wie nie. In der Rubrik Hundegesundheit geht es um Macadamia-Nüsse und andere Lebensmittel, die für Hunde gefährlich sind. Martin erklärt, warum er den Interview-Abbruch von Toni Kroos feiert und schildert einen bewegenden Moment ganz am Rande de…
The ability to make people feel completely heard and accepted is something most people strive to achieve. Aditi shares her secret which is her ability, gift & pursuit of being able to do this over and over again in today's episode. Tune in!APT mental gym
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