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10-Minute Tech Comm

10-Minute Tech Comm

UAH Technical Communication

10-minute interviews with technical communication practitioners, scholars, and innovators. Hosted by Dr. Ryan Weber at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Visit https://tenminutetechcomm.com/ for transcripts and more information! Contact Ryan Weber at rw0019@uah.edu with questions, comments, or feedback!
Jam-packed with cool classrooms, cool apps, and cool teaching ideas, full-time teacher, Vicki Davis, who blogs as the Cool Cat Teacher, loves to interview awesome teachers and educators from around the world on this teacher podcast. Her goal is to interview the most in-classroom teachers on one helpful teacher podcast. She loves to encourage and share other education podcasts too. You can follow Vicki @coolcatteacher on all social media and join the conversation.
FMヨコハマで毎週月曜27:00からお送りしているHarbor Blue Studioのポッドキャストです。 番組では語りきれなかったあれこれを10分間お喋りしていきます。 岸洋佑 https://sp.kishiyosuke-fc.jp/ Follow the podcast: Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Spotify / Amazon music
10-Minute Talent Show is a conversation about jobs in about 10 minutes. Horizontal Talent's Sr. Content Manager Justin Cross talks about everything from job seeking to hiring to DEI and remote working with experts both in and outside of Horizontal. It cuts through the noise to deliver job seekers, hiring managers, employees and employers simple but useful advice in an entertaining way.
Welcome to the 10 Minute podcast, the place where, in 10 minutes or less, you get insider tips and valuable insights from expert guests in business, law, tech, marketing and communication. Please subscribe on your favorite platform and share with others who will find these topics helpful. Thanks! Mitch Jackson, Esq
Welcome to The 10 Minute Dojo podcast with Lee Taylor, where amazing things happen. Husband, father, student, instructor, friend, human being. Just trying to make sense of martial arts and life! Involved in the martial arts since childhood offering expert tuition as an instructor and published author for over a decade.
The 10 Minute MBA, is a no-fluff daily podcast that teaches you practical business lessons you can use to grow your business immediately. For more business case studies, tactics and insights, make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel (youtube.com/c/scottdclary). Tweet Me: https://twitter.com/scottdclary
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The story you’re about to hear about today is one of the most disturbing that you’ll ever learn the details of in your entire life. This isn’t an ordinary, casual trigger warning, for a reason. You’re going to think about this long after the episode ends. The point of telling this story isn’t to do anything other than give you a stone cold reminder…
ポケモンのはなし / ライコウ・エンテイ・スイクンがにげちゃう / それぞれ違う「ポケモンの楽しさのピークどこ?」/ ドラクエやったことある?ドラクエの素晴らしさは「はぐれメタル」と「メタルキング」 / 金沢マネも大好き「ドラクエ11」 See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Fm yokohama 84.7(FMヨコハマ)
Stay tuned until the end for a new token I had bought and had forgotten to mention (sorry). But there should be a pullback for all to enter if they choose to, and this hints at my overall bias as to what's going to happen in crypto markets this year. And how does this bias pertain to the Metaverse and the top projects I'm looking at there? We go ov…
Justin McGill, founder of the AI content-generation company Content @ Scale (https://contentatscale.ai), joins the podcast to talk about what his company does, what AI means for the future of writing, and the ethical issues surrounding AI content generation. Follow @TechCommUAH, visit tenminutetechcomm.com, or email Ryan Weber at ryan.weber@uah.edu…
Bo Davis got his started in tech and later transitioned into restaurant ownership, where he found an opportunity to provide a solution to the industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of MarginEdge, the restaurant solution combining paperless invoice processing with POS and accounting integration. marginedge.com…
Paul is the founder of Vantage Point Commercial Capital, a firm which helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors win by funding their growth and dreams in non-traditional ways. www.vpc.capital/podcast-10minute
This horrifying, unsolved crime rocked the affluent town of Greenwich, Connecticut, to its core. On the evening of October 30, 1975, Martha Moxley, a popular 15-year-old girl who lived with her parents, Dorthy and David, and brother John, was discovered dead in the backyard of her family's home with severe injuries. Injuries so severe, she was hard…
出てこい!この野郎!!! / 1年を12ヶ月にした人すごくね?? / あんな事言いな、出来たらいいな / 仕事を頑張る理由 / “楽しく生きる”とは? / とりあえず外に出よう!奇跡が起こるぞ / 手がスコーンのいい香り / 飴って元気になるよ! / みんなの好きな飴は?? / きえちゃうキャンディーとは?? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Fm yokohama 84.7(FMヨコハマ)
This is a year that many economists think will be rough. We have high inflation and the ability to get money is going to be difficult. I’m going to teach you the “blocking and tackling” of business and the areas you’re struggling in that could be why you don’t make it to next year.
Two very catchy short stories by Frederic Brown will leave you in amazement and maybe will inspire to ready more stories from him. First one will tell you about importance of geometry, and second one will help to rethink the value of people lives. Support the showRoman Dudarev
The number 2 economy in all of the world is going from almost completely shut down, so operational again. And they use a lot of energy and lot of metals. Pretty safe to say we should all be paying attention to it. But is it as significant as people are making it out to be? VP has opinions on this, as usual. Recommended Crypto Trading Platform (Bonu…
Matt is a Co-founder of proudmouth.com, a company that “helps free the world's experts from the torment of sales”. Matt stops by to give fantastic advice on niching down and how to market effectively with podcasting. Matt Halloran on LinkedIn proudmouth.com
Alex got his start as an entrepreneur when he figured out he could make more money reselling sneakers than the job he was working at the time. Now he is the founder and CEO of a niche hiring platform that helps online business owners hire experienced and commission only sales reps. twitter: @alexh459 tryclosify.com…
Corwin is a 6th generation farmer who saw a need to promote and protect generational family farms. Farmer Focus is the only 100% organic and Humane Certified chicken company with this mission in mind. farmerfocus.com
Andy Warhol was a talented artist and possibly a little unhinged, but he said something that has become just as famous as some of his creations. He said that in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. Today, the story is about a man who was in search of his 15 minutes. It may not have been his motive, but when the opportunity to g…
お弁当の好きなおかずのアフタートーク / 年末年始にやったことのアフタートーク / 気づいたんだけど、〇〇ってそんな必要かな?? / 新幹線で飲む〇〇って最高だよ / 好きなMVの話のアフタートーク/ パンダちゃんの元ネタは・・・ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Fm yokohama 84.7(FMヨコハマ)
It's time to move onto 2023 predictions for the USD, JPY and all things energy which include oil, natural gas, uranium, and copper. It's very hard to make a 12-month prediction for most things energy, but that will not stop us from foolishly attempting to. Recommended Crypto Trading Platform (Bonus and Contest Eligibility) - https://nononsenseforex…
Jeremy is an entrepreneur, media expert, author and CEO and founder of CommandYourBrand.com. He’s who I called for podcast advice! His book “Unremarkable to Extraordinary” is available now! crushitonpodcasts.com getextraordinarybook.com
Cristobal is the author of: Perform, the Unsexy Truth About (Startup) Success and experienced serial Entrepreneur x3, serial early-stage investor x240, and Global Executive. This episode is full of GOLD. startupwiseguys.com linkedin.com/in/cristobalalonso
Brittany is the COO of helloseven.co which helps small businesses at every stage between $0 and $1M with business, marketing, financial, and legal training. ig: hello7co rachrogersesq brittalynnmartin
The case of the missing Jamison family who disappeared from Red Oak, Latimer County, Oklahoma, on October 8, 2009, is very strange. Mind-boggling might be a better word to describe it. Today’s story is a bit of a break from the norm, as you normally hear me talk about confirmed murders, and mostly solved cases. The Jamison Family, is neither. Subsc…
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