Trailer Park Podcast #130


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Join us for TPP 130 as we get fast and furious but keep it PG-13. F9 is the headliner and we question how genuine Dom is and whether he has turned his back on family. Michael Bakari Jordan is John Kelly in Tom Clancy's Without Remorse which has been in development purgatory since the early 90's so this better be fucking good. In the fulcrum, Zack Snyder returns to the franchise that launched his directorial career with Army of the Dead. Godzilla vs. Kong falls to the totter because it uses terrible music in its trailer. Director Adam Wingard promises a clear winner to the fight and if we couldn't see chrome on Godzilla's tail we might have fallen for his weak attempt at hiding a Zilla / Kong tag team against Mechagodzilla. We finish this lineup with Mortal Kombat which actually looks like it could summit the good bad mountain of expectation.

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