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Are Christians safe from persecution in the modern age? How about in the coming years? Why are so many self-professed Christians failing to speak truth when it matters most, and how should the faithful be directing their attention? Fr. Robert McTeigue joins the show to discuss where we're heading and how we should prepare. He recently authored, Chr…
I joined Fr. McTeigue on The Catholic Current to discuss my recent article in Crisis Magazine about the attempts of government to redefine marriage. We also discussed the rise of practical atheism, as we see demonstrated in our society, including by self-professed Christians.Sarah Corriher
Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski and The Crusader Gal discussed how our society descended into a totalitarian hell under the auspices of fighting covid, why people were so willing to go along with the lies, and what that says about the state of our society as well as the Church.Sarah Cain
This stream covered the shutdown of CNN+, the cases in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping faux collapsing, a NOT guilty verdict in a January 6th case due to police cooperation, Disney's loss of the protected status that it should never have had, and more.Sarah Corriher
The latest method of signaling leftist virtue is refusing donations to the poor when those donations come from 'objectionable' people. Further, it now seems that some charities are so afraid of canceling that they too are rejecting donations.Sarah Corriher
Dave Rubin's announcement of his purchasing of children has been lauded by many on the right who ought to be horrified. Denise McAllister joins the show to discuss this perversion of a family and willful neglect of children.Sarah Corriher
I went on The Catholic Current with Fr. Robert McTeigue to talk about how condescending Women's History Month is, how the Biden Administration's announcement thereof reeks of cultural Marxist class warfare, and the importance of building communities as a resistance against a tyrannical government.Sarah Corriher
This social stream covered the shameless pandering to women by those in Big Tech (Women's History Month), the notion of "racial balancing" in high schools, Biden's supreme court nominee, and the tragic death of Matthew Perna.Sarah Corriher
This stream covered the updates in the Canadian tyrannical crackdown against protesters, how the American military is going more woke while the White House foments tensions with Russia, the free speech case about to reach the U.S. Supreme Court in regards to forced pro-LGBT labor, and more.Sarah Corriher
This stream covered the eighth-graders being groomed by official teaching, Joe Rogan's capitulation and its effect, the feminist and animal rights activist who combined all of modern leftist thought into one illuminating (and hilarious) speech, and how the Department of Homeland Security is targeting "mis-dis-and-mal-information".…
This live show covered Biden targeting gun rights, Whoopie Goldberg's suspension, corporations that fund China while complaining about the U.S., the White House attempt to bully Spotify into engaging in censorship, the medical groups that are discriminating against white people, and more.Sarah Corriher
This stream covered the anti-mandate truck convoy of Canada that the media is ignoring, the Walmart stores that are abusing unvaccinated shoppers, Biden's plan to make food shortages worse, and more uncovered news.Sarah Corriher
In this stream, we discussed how the U.S. government is making lists of the unvaccinated, the high school teacher who put her own child in the trunk, the recent Supreme Court rulings, and more.Sarah Corriher
Sarah Corriher went on The Catholic Current with Fr. Robert McTeigue to discuss media lies, censorship in our age, the pronoun war, and the scapegoating of white people by our societal elitists.Sarah Corriher
This live stream covered Australia's embrace of its penal colony past, the anniversary of Ashli Babbitt's death, how the entire western world is creating a second-class citizenry, the just implosion of the Church of England, and more.Sarah Corriher
This social stream covered the new program of lower pay for white teachers in Minnesota, the cover-up in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, how the Guardian wants JK Rowling to cease to exist, and the mantra of race as a social construct in medicine.Sarah Corriher
This live show covered an anti-white murder that's being covered up, the Danish minister who has been ordered jailed for protecting children from their abusers, the danger of our dependence on China, and more.Sarah Corriher
This social stream covered the erasure of white people from entertainment and even history, the Jussie Smollett farce, the re-writing of crime reports to protect trans attackers, and the schools that are bribing kids into medical treatments.Sarah Corriher
This social stream covered why the gender/sexuality battles should matter to those who claim to be conservatives, the Islamic terrorist who the media falsely called a "Christian convert", a teacher who was suspended for using the correct pronouns, and more.Sarah Corriher
This social stream covered how the U.S. Military is becoming the laughing stock of the world intentionally, the Project Veritas journalists who were raided by the FBI, the latest in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the degeneracies pushed by British schools, and more.Sarah Corriher
This stream covered the indoctrination of toddlers with self-hate, mandatory re-education being promoted in corporate America, the American election results, and the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which is a travesty of justice.Sarah Corriher
Teachers, drunk on their own power, are abusing the children who dare to remove their masks, some of whom are disabled. It points to a pervasive problem in which public school teachers and administrators consider themselves the owners of the children who have been placed in their care.Sarah Corriher
This live stream covered the unrelenting inflation that is making life unaffordable for so many, the political exploitation of a man's death by an Islamic terrorist in England, the tyrannical extremes that Canada now imposes on its people, along with the ways in which anti-white teachings are spreading amongst corporate America and governmental age…
David Amass is the latest Brit to be murdered by an Islamic terrorist, and as if rehearsed, media outlets rushed to defend the ideology of his attacker. Strangely, this posturing does not occur when other ideologies lead to violence.Sarah Corriher
This live show covered the latest efforts of the entertainment industry to expose children to deviancy, the anti-white narratives that lead to forced 'diversity' in the upcoming Lord of the Rings, Canada's crackdown on preachers, a recent judge's favorable ruling on the civil rights violations against January 6th protesters, and more.…
This live show covered those who are still being targeted in the round-up of patriots who attended the January 6th protest, the dehumanization of those who choose to reject forced medical procedures and the new approach to deny them life-saving medical care, the use of the Department of Justice to target concerned parents, and more.…
This stream covered the January 6th protester who died awaiting trial for a crime that prosecutors knew he didn't commit, Baltimore's denial of a group's right to protest, the professor who was suspended for not grading black students better, and more.Sarah Corriher
This live stream covered the hilarious instances of the left eating its own (from the ACLU to Black Lives Matter), the university that requires its students to deny basic truth, the fight against tyranny in Australia, and more.Sarah Corriher
This live show covered Newsom's unsurprising victory in the fallen western zone, the treasonous general who has been embraced by the left, the New York governor who is targeting Christians, and more.Sarah Corriher
This live show covered how major corporations are covering up an official's use of the term "New World Order", the health service that published a "Dear White People" letter, Biden's attempt to vaccinate every working adult, and more.Sarah Corriher
This social live stream covered Ford's pandering to the gay lobby, a young man who is being forced to read leftist materials by a judge, Bill De Blasio's bribery of the criminal class, and more.Sarah Corriher
The single greatest instance of Christian persecution in the modern "free" world is happening to Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Street Church, who recently became famous for his trials. He continued his preaching and feeding of the poor, despite governmental threats, harassment, and restrictions. He was eventually arrested, tortured, had his ho…
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