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Much has been written and published about the atrocities of the Nazi regime. This is the seldom heard story of the effects of Hitler's reign on Freemasons and their lodges. Freemasonry's teachings on equality and brotherly love were viewed as a threat to the aspirations of the Third Reich.
Jean Bossu was a Prominent French Freemason and Masonic scholar who left a lasting mark on French Freemasonry. Benito Juarez, who was born in extreme poverty, become a prominent Freemason in Mexico and one of the most iconic Presidents in Mexican history.
Emir Abdelkader: Islamic, Freedom Fighter, and Freemason. He defended his country of Algeria against invading French forces, soon thereafter, those he fought against embraced and honored him as their brother. Abdelkader believed that Freemasonry could bridge the divide between the Islamic and Western worlds.…
In our first episode, we ask the obvious question: What is Freemasonry? We look to the United Grand Lodge of England and read a passage from the French book, Ma Franc-maçonnerie mise à nu... pour les profanes, to find answers.
We will learn about famous and influential Freemasons; hear masonic education pieces from a wide array of authors; discover unique and interesting cultural differences among Freemasons and Masonic lodges. But, most importantly, we will see how practicing Freemasons affect change within themselves and within the communities where they live. So, join…
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