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Using a silly voice for an NPC, all of the bad guys attacking the PCs use unusual weapons, or a location that has a quirk about it; is one of the many ways to enhance your game. In this episode, we give chat and examples on how adding little things can give immersion, make a scene more memorable, change how a character will act further, or even cha…
In this episode, we look back at how we use to play and run roleplaying games and what we learned from them. Dale making his favorite D&D character in new iterations, Lee loving to play martial artist PCs, and Dan reminiscing over the Red Steel D&D setting.Role of the Dice Podcast
While on his way to Gen Con 2022, Lee chats about the challenges of coming up with campaign plots in open settings where anything is possible. But on the flip side, with roleplaying settings that can limit the types of stories told.Role of the Dice Podcast
There is so much crafting can add to your RPG, allowing your PCs to make anything their minds and wallet can come up with. But how does the GM facilitate this when the inevitable crafted item will be exploited or abused? How can crafting be incorporated into a story? We take a deep dive into crafting on this episode of RotD!…
You can strike fear into your PCs by thinking they’ve succeeded in a task only for them to have to overcome another threat! Is this complication to add excitement or "punish" the players? Where does this complication come from? Is it on the GM’s whim? And what if the complication you've inserted is too grand? Join us for our in-depth discussion of …
Are "problematic players" drawn to play the warlock class? Is it because of all the classes, the warlock is the one who seems most inclined to steal the spotlight? How does the DM deal with the demand of that PC to be the main character of a campaign? How do you effectively incorporate your warlock into the party? We answer those questions and a wh…
Dan and Lee talk about their current experiences in roleplaying. Topics range from some PCs not being included in social encounters, theater of the mind problems, out growing certain RPG systems or play styles, and so much more in this jam packed episode!Role of the Dice Podcast
Sometimes a mistake is made that could potentially end the campaign. What do you do?!? Have a listen to this episode to learn from our grand errors and a whole bunch more valuable info to avoid these pitfalls in roleplaying!Role of the Dice Podcast
We dive into a massive discussion all about skill checks! When to roll the dice or not too, when roleplaying is enough, use of sliding scales of successes and failures, replacing some skills with others, and a whole ton more tips to help you get the most out of skill checks!Role of the Dice Podcast
In this episode, we give ideas on how to use Myth and Legend to make your world spring to life. As well as hooking the players to learn more about these Myth and Legends. Who knows, they could uncover an unknown truth. Or their heroic exploits become Myth and Legend!Role of the Dice Podcast
Is optimizing your character good or bad? Should you always pick the "best" spells? How does your character fit into the party? Is your character more than just a stat block? We have an in-depth discussion all about...optimizing characters!Role of the Dice Podcast
It's that time again to see what the RotD crew is doing in their personal roleplaying. Dan is looking to use Foundry VTT for his next game. Dale has made an extravagant purchase for his roleplaying group. Lee has made the worst decision ever with his D&D character. And so much more!Role of the Dice Podcast
The player characters occasionally use intimidation as a tool to get what they want, but what happens when an NPC or monster attempts it back? In this episode; we chat about how to describe the fear, if dice rolls are need, not taking control of the player's agency, and when it is appropriate to make your PCs fearful of your big bad evil guy!…
We have some exciting news for Role of the Dice Podcast as we are making some changes starting in 2022! But we also chat about using cutscenes in your RPG. Thanks to you all for listening and tagging along with us!Role of the Dice Podcast
Now is your chance to grab Battlelords of the 23rd Century, the grand-daddy of tactical, military sci-fi RPGs, and its newest sourcebook, Fully Armored: The Battlelords Gear Manual! of the Dice Podcast
Handling corruption of a character in your RPG can be tricky. Is the corruption a slow burn? How is it changing the PC or the party? Can the character be cured of it or are they wanting more? We have the answers and more in the episode of RotD!Role of the Dice Podcast
We’re talking about laying down the hurt on those RPG bad guys. But why would you ever do non-lethal attacks? Can you knockout a target with just one hit? Can the GM do this to the PCs? We answer those questions and a whole lot more in this episode of RotD!Role of the Dice Podcast
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