Living the Half-Retire Lifestyle with Jim Muehlhausen


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As business owners, your goal isn’t just to build wealth–it’s to find purpose and create a real legacy. However, so many entrepreneurs make the same mistakes, day in and day out, leaving them undervalued and stressed out–and these errors take a toll that gets worse with every passing year, especially as you head toward retirement.

Author Jim Muehlhausen has learned this well. Over the course of over 11,000 coaching sessions with business owners, he’s come to understand not only the fatal errors that they make but why they keep happening and how to turn these pitfalls into income streams.

His work has led him to create the Half-Retire movement: a way for entrepreneurs to have the best of both worlds. He helps people keep their businesses, do right by their best people, and live a life of profit without the neverending grind. In today’s conversation, we discuss how to make running a business enjoyable, preserving your income, and having the power to focus on what you love–and only what you love–about working.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why so many business owners are focused on the day-to-day–and how this can sap all the joy out of entrepreneurship, especially when margins are tight.
  • What your Picasso work is–and why so few people spend real time adding unique value to their business.
  • Why it’s so hard to scale a business without being able to delegate–and why so many entrepreneurs can’t do it.
  • Jim’s process for half-retirement–and when you might or might not be ready to half-retire.
  • The best advice Jim ever received about business.


  • “The sooner you pull the trigger on getting your financial life together, the better that you're going to do.” - Jim Muehlhausen

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