SYPM 020: Preparing for the afterbirth with Renee Reina


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I don’t know about you, but I spent a LOT of time thinking about my birth plan before Carys was born. I mean, that thing went through multiple iterations as I read new books about the birth process and thought about what I wanted mine to be like. And I got lucky; we didn’t stray too far from the plan (except that that whole ‘urge to push’ thing? Well I never felt that. It seemed like she was quite happy where she was. Perhaps that explains why she enjoys being wrapped in fluffy blankets so much?) So I put all this effort into what the Big Day would be like, and practically zero into what life would be like afterward. I mean, we got the nursery ready without realizing that she wasn’t going to spend any time in it at all for the first three months. And the whole visitors thing - well that didn’t even cross my mind. I guess I just assumed that people would come and visit, because that’s what people do after you have a baby. But most of the time I didn’t want visitors! I spent a good chunk of the first 10 days in tears. (In fact my husband and I had a mini-celebration at bedtime on the 10th day because it was the first time I hadn’t cried since she was born.) Sometimes I was able to get dressed and greet people…other times I was curled up in bed crying while my husband did the entertaining. The idea of saying “no visitors yet please” simply didn’t cross my mind. That’s what we discuss in today’s episode with Renee Reina of The Mom Room. She was lucky enough to have her Mom living close by when she had her baby, who became her gatekeeper - friends and family would check in with Renee’s Mom before coming over. Renee was able to create the calm, peaceful environment at home that she wanted to bring baby into - and re-engage with the world on her own terms, when she was ready. In this episode we talk about how to make those early days of motherhood work for you and your family - no matter what social conventions say are the right things to do. Those first weeks at home may be the hardest you’ll ever experience If you’re expecting a baby or have one under the age of one, the Right From The Start course is here to help. I run it with the amazing Hannah and Kelty of Upbringing, who bring a whole lot of expertise and training on respectful parenting, along with expertise on raising siblings and ‘spirited’ children, in addition to the scientific research on these topics that you expect from me. In the course we’ll give you concrete strategies to:
  • Get the essential sleep you (all) need
  • Create a secure attachment & navigate big feelings
  • Support gross motor development & independent play (freeing up time for you!)
  • Prepare for and thrive with siblings
  • And so much more!

Parents who have taken the course tell us that there’s nothing else like it available: this is the only course that helps you support baby’s development, while holding your needs as equally important, and helping you to meet these as well. Click the image to learn more about Right From The Start - enrollment is open now until Wednesday April 13th!

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