Global Intelligence Updates Live with Riaan Kriel aka the Social Media Surfer on LinkedIn


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Do’s, Don’t’s and how to’s to be successful on Linkedin

* Being able to set up your Linkedin profile correctly

* Knowing what to post on Linkedin

* Knowing what to do every day to achieve organic success on Linkedin

Hi my name is Riaan and will also be known in the future as the Social Media Surfer. I recently decided to rebrand my personal brand to be something else than the norm. I have been working with social media for the past 10 years in different industries. In 2017 I decided to get started on a small boutique ad agency. The journey is a never ending learning experience. Keeping up with trends and knowing what is going on with the algorithms is not the easiest. Lucky for me I am part of a few groups and ad communities where a lot of Linkedin creators find themselves as well. Sharing the knowledge between each other as we go on and as the platforms changes. Ensuring we have the knowledge between us to help our clients the best we can.

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