How To Find The Perfect Partner! (What It Takes To FIND & KEEP Love) | Matthew Hussey


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On Today's Episode:
Longing for a loving relationship that will stand the test of time is a dream for many people and yet it’s one of the hardest things to find. Building a long lasting love takes vulnerability, trust and a lot of communication. It also takes getting into a loving relationship with yourself. One of the worst things we can do when we’re dating is lack the self-trust, self-love and honesty we need to see the person we’re dating for who they really are.
It’s easy to get carried away with a perception of your partner when you’re dating and everything is new. Matthew Hussey, relationship expert and bestselling author of Get the Guy, strongly urges women to boldly ask the right questions and not fear scaring the right person for them away.
Stop fighting for dead-end, painful relationships that make you question your sanity and if the version of reality you’re living is actually real. Learn the rules for dating that allow you to invest in the right relationship and trust yourself to know when it’s time to leave because the intention and alignment is not right.
0:00 | Introduction to Matthew Hussey
0:10 | Want to Find Love?
21:51 | Build Long Lasting Love
48:47 | Commit to the Right Person
1:09:20 | Love Vs. Lust
1:35:06 | Bonus: Communication is Key
“You don’t trust that someone is never going to betray you. You just trust that you’ll be able to handle it if they do.” [4:01]
“It’s one thing if someone is acknowledging the gap, but acknowledging and being able to deliver are two very different things.” [12:22]
“I’ve been a victim of me, and I need compassion for that, I deserve compassion for that because ‘me’ is a complex person.” [23:18]
“I'm afraid that me asking the question is going to scare someone away, but if it’s going so well how are you going to scare someone away that easily? [...] it can only scare away the wrong person [59:10]
“Attention is not the same as intention, you can give me lots of attention but have no real intention behind it…” [1:13:16]
“There’s the economics of value. What is scarce, what is difficult to obtain, what I have to fight for must be more valuable, and that’s a really dangerous thing to apply to your love life.” [1:27:07]
“No one is the bad boy to the person they choose, you can’t be! [...] If you’re chasing bad boys, you’re always chasing someone in a phase…” [1:31:51]
“You have to be able to separate hw you feel about someone from how someone makes you feel.“ [1:34:11]
“When do opposites become problematic? It’s all around values, [...] they just can’t fathom that there is another valid way to approach the world.” Tom Bilyeu [1:37:25]
“If you're in a relationship where one person wants things clean and one doesn’t, I promise you, you are at a collision of values.” Tom Bilyeu [2:04:11]
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