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If you can't do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.” — Admiral William H. McRaven

We’ve got a very special treat for you today!

Joining me in the studio is William Branum, a 26-year Navy SEAL and founder of Naked Warrior Recovery.

William served on both traditional SEAL Teams, taught as a SEAL Sniper Instructor, and served on Teams that specialized in undersea operations – where the missions could only be approved by the US President.

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In addition, he led major combat operations, ranging from Direct Action missions to protecting the interim Iraqi elected officials.

After retiring from the military in 2018, William came to grips with the physical and psychological symptoms that were negatively impacting his well-being and quality of life – symptoms that he had attempted to mask with alcohol and prescription drugs.

That journey led him to becoming the founder and CEO of Naked Warrior Recovery, a CBD company focused on the recovery of veterans and first responders.

In this episode, we’ll speak with William about:

  • The most grueling moments of SEAL training
  • The secrets to discipline and motivation
  • His difficult transition to civilian life, and
  • The best lessons from his 26-year career as a Navy SEAL.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Navy SEAL, William Branum!


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