79. How Failure Can Help You Succeed with Coach Owen Roddy (MMA coach / fighter) | Win the Day™ podcast with James Whittaker


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Ep 79: How Failure Can Help You Succeed with Coach Owen Roddy (MMA coach / fighter)

Your lack of commitment is an insult to the people who believe in you.” — Conor McGregor

If you want to know how to bounce back from failure, this is the episode for you!

Today, we sit down with legendary MMA coach, Owen Roddy. In addition to a stellar resume as a pro fighter, Owen is known as the coach of UFC star Conor McGregor. Owen has overseen Conor’s meteoric rise from apprentice plumber to world champion and one of the most recognized athletes on the planet.

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After injury forced an abrupt end to his decorated 10-year fighting career, Owen transitioned to coaching. In that 18-year period, he has brought numerous individuals to world championships and worked with names like Gunnar Nelson, Artem Lobov, and Leah McCourt.

Owen is best known as the coach of the UFC's first ever double champion, Conor McGregor. Since day one, Owen has been at Conor’s side, and continues to be an enormous part of the iconic athlete’s success.

Aside from his experience as an athlete and coach, Owen is founder of Shadow Fight Goods and owner of SBG Charlestown.

In this episode, Coach Owen Roddy shares:

  • What you can do to remain calm and focused under pressure
  • How to stay motivated when times are good
  • Where his team’s renowned self-belief comes from, and
  • How he took Conor McGregor from apprentice plumber to sporting superstar.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Coach Owen Roddy!


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