WIP 1005: From Prison to Seven-Figure Deals


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Today’s guest is quite special. He is the man Brent Bowers built the Land Sharks program for, but his story is even crazier. Chris Meeks went from being imprisoned to closing a half million dollar land deal six months into wholesaling. Even crazier, he is now working on his third deal which will land him a seven-figure profit.

If you’re interested in learning from the same source Chris did, consider doing what he did and apply to Brent’s Land Sharks program.


Show notes:

  • (1:08) - Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (1:45) - Why Chris has given away over $100k.
  • (4:00) - How Chris ended up in prison and how he overcame.
  • (10:47) - Why Chris went from flipping homes to land.
  • (12:20) - Chris will be making $500 per month passively for nearly a decade. Here’s how.
  • (15:52) - Breaking down a half million dollar deal.
  • (19:37) - A seven-figure deal, just three deals in.



  • Want to learn more? Check out our Land Sharks program program.
  • To speak with Brent or one of our other expert coaches call (281) 835-4201 or schedule here.

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