Whence Came You? - 0506 - Masonic Repetition and Success


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This week we ask just what it takes for you to commit to going back to Lodge. Greg not applies some tough filters to his lodge experience. Then, Brother Randy Sanders asks, “When's the last time you had a festive board for the heck of it?” He's got some great recommendations and I'll give you some of my own personal insights on the festive board event and what it brings to the Masonic experience. Finally, we'll ask the big question, ‘Does all that memory work really ever pay off--making a good man better?” We'll hear from a Ph.D. on understanding the neuroscience of repetition and what some Brothers take away from this repetition and memorization of ritual work. All this and more. Stay tuned!


Coming Back Isn't Easy http://www.midnightfreemasons.org/2021/07/coming-back-is-not-easy.html

Let's Make Time for the Festive Board http://www.midnightfreemasons.org/2021/07/lets-make-time-for-festive-board.html

The Neuroscience of Repetition http://gretchenschmelzer.com/blog-1/2015/1/11/understanding-learning-and-memory-the-neuroscience-of-repetition

Purpose and Power of Ritual Work https://www.nhgrandlodge.org/what-is-the-purpose-and-power-of-masonic-ritual/#.YQMRPS1h0UE

Hidden Lessons of Degree Work https://txfreemasonry.org/hidden-lessons-ritual-work/

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