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This week, a recent 3,000-year-old inscription was found in Israel. A name is produced. What is the history of this name? And what's its connection with Freemasonry? Then we'll hear from Illustrious Brother Steven L. Harrison in an all-new Masonic Minute. We all hear that George Washington won the presidency unanimously--but is that factually correct? Steve Harrison puts it all on the line and will make us all a little better informed. All this and a little bit more in this episode of Whence Came You?—Stay tuned! Links Iowa Grand Lodge Planning Guide/Retention https://grandlodgeofiowa.org/docs/Handbooks_Courses/101_Ways_to_Improve_Interest_and_Attendance.pdf

The 3,000 Y/O Inscription https://www.archaeology.org/news/9847-210713-israel-alphabet-inscription The First Two Pillars https://www.masonrytoday.com/index.php?new_month=5&new_day=13&new_year=2016

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