Whence Came You? - 0491 - The Danger of Literalism


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This week we look at the issues of being too literal or too allegorical. Then I’ll read a piece about getting back involved after a 6-year break. Illustrious Bro. Harrison stops by for an all-new Masonic Minute. What can he teach us about respect and honor? Finally, we’ll wrap it all up with Part 2, Chapter 6 of Max Heindel’s Antient and Modern Initiation. This week’s chapter is focused on the Garden of Sorrow—Gethsemane. Don’t miss it!


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Symbolism and Literalists https://blog.philosophicalsociety.org/2020/12/14/symbolism-and-the-literalists/

No Skulls in Masonry https://www.fromdarknesstolightblog.com/post/noskullsinmasonry-just-kidding-there-are

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