Weirdly Cosmic Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 16 2022: Purge


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The Scorpio South Node Eclipse on May 16 2022 (in most places) at 25˚ 17' is a Blood Red total Eclipse that's inviting us to purge attachments to manipulation, control, and self-destructive behaviors and to MASTER moving towards a more embodied and sustainable lifestyle.
The Chandra symbol for the Eclipse emphasizes the supercharged call to move towards working for the good of ALL beings. "A she-wolf. Her udders full of milk. Bearing within you something vast and wild and true. Your instincts given over to this seed. What can be must be impels sacrifice and renunciation. Being held in the grip of vast, primordial forces. Taken over by depths that forge new worlds into being. Stunned into submission. Unconsciously obsessed with something that lives within you and cannot be forgotten. Supercharged with energy. In tune with the Earth's cycles. Everything happening in a magnified and hypnotic atmosphere. The hidden worlds take charge. Individuality is eclipsed, and the surge of power dominates consciousness and life by its intensity and ruthless current right through the body, and there is nothing to say about it."
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