39. Burrowing Owl and Scorpion


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Yippee ki yay!! In this final episode for our Wild Wild West series we take a look at two tiny murders of the desert. The burrowing owl and scorpions!
We start with the burrowing owl, who every single person who has ever seen one ask; "What a cute baby!" When really the burrowing owl is not a baby. Well, technically it is a baby at one point but the adult burrowing owl is no bigger then a pint of beer. Learn why the burrowing owl is the an outlaws of the owl world. As well as learn what a baby owl is and looks like, and how you, a highly educated adult, can identify the difference. And it all comes down to the types of bird feathers (yes there are multiple types of feathers).
To learn about the scorpions of the deserts of the southwest United States we turn to Mother Nature and God for another episode of "Animal Renovations" to discover where their inspiration came from when creating this arthropod-ic, arachnid that is the bark scorpion. The scorpions of the world get a bad reputation even though they are more romantic then the last few dates I've gone on and are wonderful mothers!
*BONUS: if you stick around to the very end you get a bonus "Bird Calls with Deidre"!
Scientific names-
Burrowing Owl: Athene cunicularia
Desert Hairy Scorpion: Hadrurus arizonensis
Bark Scorpion: Centriroides exilicauda
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