23. Guanaco and Cicadas


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The weird animals of today are the guanaco and cicadas.
Don't change that channel as you get a chance to learn about the camel like guanaco; who is much more related to the llama then the alpaca. Nonetheless, all are ruminants with multiple stomach chambers! But as a camel they maybe missing one...This odd looking animals comes from multiple elevations of the Andes Mountain range of South America.
2021 is the year of noise! At least if you're a cicada. As their 17 years of slumber will come to an end this year as billions of the periodical cicadas will emerge from the earth like a 1950's sci-fi monster film. As as usually its the boys we have to blame for all that racket. All they're looking to do it hit the town for a few days, find a lady and leave their offspring for the next generation before they day. Oh, what an odd existence that of the cicada.
Here are the scientific names from today's episode:
Vicuna: Vicugna vicugna
Alpaca: Vicugna pacos
Llama: Lama glama
Guanaco: Lama guanicoe
Periodical Cicada: Magicicada cassinii
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