WBSP351: Grow Your Business by Understanding Pronto ERP's Capabilities, an Objective Panel Discussion


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Pronto is not a household name among the ERP options available in the market unless you are from Australia or New Zeeland. Also, Australia is a different beast when it comes to meeting the statutory requirements of that country. Australia's economy is heavily influenced by specific industries such as mining. Naturally, the software from Australia will have deep capabilities for those industries. But how capable is Pronto for other industries? How do they approach the market? Where are they going to be the best fit? And where would they struggle? These are the questions you will have if you are evaluating Pronto as the potential option for your next ERP project.

In today's episode, we invited a panel of industry experts for a live discussion on LinkedIn to conduct an independent review of Pronto ERP's capabilities. We covered many grounds, including their strength in mining and retail industries along with their exclusive focus on the Australian market. Finally, we discussed their mining-specific capabilities such as having vehicles on the BOM, chemical analysis for metallurgy, and super bills.

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