What's Your State?


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Ep50 What’s Your State?

Hello and Welcome to the Way of the Emotional Warrior Podcast. My name is Kai Ehnes and today we will be answering the question of: What’s exactly is your state?

What am I talking about when I say state? It is your current state of consciousness. What are you thinking, what are you feeling, what are you experiencing? All of these make up your state of consciousness.

Let’s set the context, as I have said in previous episodes, our brain is hard wired for our survival. It has a large portion of its centers dedicated to noticing and sending awareness signals of changes in the environment that could cause us harm.

Having said that, it means that our brain can quite often determine our state of consciousness by focusing on a narrow sector of information. This causes a massive reaction in our system to respond to that danger signal. We respond with fear, anxiety, concern, confusion etc…

A perfect example of this was the book/movie War of the Worlds. A perceived attack by invaders from Mars caused a mass panic reaction by people who believed the radio program. It turns out that it was a made up story but that was only after people had heard about it and responded to it. Those who reacted thought it was probably their last day to live and made their perceptions into reactions. Come to find out the next day that it was all a hoax.

Point of this is that people lost their grip. Panic and mayhem ensued. The environment took over peoples’ minds and reactions.

When it comes to our own state of consciousness, you can see that it can get hijacked rather quickly with fear and anxiety based on the events in our environment. So what can we do about it? How can we be emotional warriors?

Let’s look at the 3 parts of our consciousness. There is a subconscious, conscious, and superconscious. Each has its own purpose, yet all 3 happen at the same time inside or of our being. The subconscious is like an engine. Think of your car, the engine runs and performs but without any direction. Then we have the conscious mind. Its job is to see the present. Of course that is usually problem based. Poverty, war, disease, economic issues etc…

This means that if the subconscious needs direction, you probably don’t want those orders coming from the conscious mind. Then from where should they come? Well, there is the superconscious mind. It is your own internal higher intelligence. It can be called divine intelligence, connection to source etc…point is, you have access to it. This is the place from where you are a creator. Imagine for a second that your state of consciousness becomes one of creation and those become the directives for that massive subconscious engine.

It becomes a bypass of the craziness we see every day. Of course you will still monitor the present so that you can function but you are pulled out of the same old same old routine that minimizes our life experience into one of creation and excitement.

So let’s look at this state mentioned earlier. How do you access it when we so entangled in the news of the day?

Picture the following: you are in your usual state of mind and your phone rings. You are told that you won a million dollars. You are instantly excited, nervous, start to do the happy dance etc..

Amazing right?

Can you see how altered your state of consciousness in an instant? Yes, there was a change in the environment but you did the changing internally. That is how you change your state. You can practice this through visualizations, meditation, mind practice anything that let’s you fully experience a shift in your state. You have to be in that state. So in reality it becomes a state of being.

It is in this state that you get to create. You get to practice being in a state that is actually something you desire. Let’s say you want to lose 5 lbs. You have to become that weight in your mind. If and only if every negative thought that is an interference is removed will you actually be in this state but with practice you will get it. If a blocking thought comes up, simply say thank you for the idea but say that you are already committed to your creative idea.

This is not easy. However, picture being able to create what you want in life instead of being subject to all the lower emotions that currently rule the world?

An Emotional Warrior knows how to direct their own lives. Put down the technology for a short while and live on this planet in this time for just a little while. Then become your own creative life force.

Good luck.


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