I’m Going To Get Cancelled?, First Interaction With Penguinz0, Mizkif Is Dumb - Viper Rambles 225


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00:00 - People at my ISP watch my stream. 00:45 - The biggest benefit from the react drama. 01:07 - Why it is hard to take seriously criticism that comes from those who always speak on drama. 02:21 - Am I going to get “cancelled”? 03:59 - My opinion on the gta 6 announcement 04:40 - Mizkif’s impressively dumb take on the react drama 06:24 - One of the reasons I get involved in drama sometimes 08:07 - An objective definition of react content 08:45 - My first kind of interaction with penguinz0 09:56 - Social/drama commentary channels 10:57 - Will people ever stop reuploading other people’s videos via reactions? 11:55 - Do content creators even like their audience? 13:23 - My standards for my podcast were probably too high 15:00 - Digital games should they be resellable? 18:22 - Dumb questions that never die 19:01 - Forgetting what others consider sacred 19:50 - Hardware shortages, scalpers, and crypto 22:05 - An unexpected small change in my routine due to the pandemic

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