Shame & guilt are holding you back - Lois Hollis is an educator, counsellor & filmmaker who shares her journey of healing from chronic illnesses & childhood abuse.


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In this podcast episode, I have an amazing guest 'Lois Hollis’ who is a shame-guilt educator, counsellor & filmmaker bringing NEW information that sets us free from the residual effects of trauma & abuse.
The shame & guilt which we hold are responsible for us re-living the traumas of the past. Lois calls them hackers and she teaches us that it’s all about identifying and releasing these hackers so that we can move on and live a fulfilling life.
Lois healed from an abusive childhood as well as chronic illnesses which she suffered at the age of 50. She is now 77 though she feels 50 again. Her secret? Ridding her life of shame and guilt as well as juicing daily with live vegetables.
Listen on to learn more about this amazing lady. She inspires me on so many levels.
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