Ep. 133 - Out of Control Gun Control


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Зроблено Ted Cruz і знайдено завдяки Player FM та нашій спільноті. Авторські права належать видавцю, а не Player FM, і аудіоматеріали транслюються безпосередньо з сервера видавця. Натисніть на кнопку Підписатися, щоб слідкувати за оновленнями в Player FM або скопіюйте і вставте посилання на канал до іншої програми для подкастів.

Chuck Schumer—and some Senate Republicans—deliver a major blow to law-abiding citizens in the most sweeping gun control legislation this country has seen since the 90s. Senator Ted Cruz, straight from the Senate floor and primed for a late-night Verdict, comes to the podcast studio to reveal what happened, and how the crisis was nearly averted. But all hope is not lost! In the very same week, the Supreme Court That Keeps On Giving delivers a huge win for gun rights in America. So, what kind of effects will we see across America from these two developments? Plus, wait until you hear how the attorney who advocated in front of the Supreme Court in this gun control case (and won) fared at the hands of his woke law firm.


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